Haiti wants to revise its 179 Years Old Penal Code, Updated since 1825

Can you believe this? The Haiti criminal code (or penal code) is 179 years old... It has not changed 1825... Except 179 years ago there were no kidnapping, drive by shooting or none of that... The Haitian Government wants to revise the penal code.

Haiti Code Penal Dates back to 1835 - True or False?

For 179 years, since 1825, the Haitian judicial system has been using the ole penal code. The Haitian government intends to revise these laws and regulations and adopt them to the current reality in Haiti.

President Michel Martelly has officially opened Friday, September 19, 2014, at Club Indigo in Montrouis, the Forum on the implementation of the criminal policy of the Government.

In presence of the Minister of Justice, Jean Renel Sanon, the President of the Court of Cassation, Anel Alexis Joseph, the Minister responsible for Poverty Reduction, Ms. Rose-Anne Auguste, members of the Judiciary, representatives of organizations and institutions involved in the criminal justice system such as UNDP, MINUSTAH, PROJUSTICE, the ULCC, and representatives of civil society, President Martelly welcomed the organization of this meeting aimed at strengthening the rule of law in Haiti, one of the five priorities of his administration.

The realization of the Forum on Criminal Policy of the Government is a political necessity because the state needs to update and better coordinate its public sector policies, supported the President Martelly, while recalling that this Forum characterizes an effort to systematize the action of the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety in relation to the criminal thing.

Read the press note at MartellyHaiti.com

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Subject: Haiti wants to revise its 179 Years Old Penal Code, Updated since 1825 edit

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