Haiti - Martelly MUST Stay in Power, the fate of Laurent Lamothe is uncertain, US Ambassador says

USA Ambassador to Haiti, Pamela White says that Haiti president Michel Martelly MUST stay in Power, the future Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is not dependent on the United States but of the those concerned and President Martelly himself...

Pamela White Ambassadeur Americain en Haiti - Construction barrage Riviere Grise

KREYOL : Haiti - FOK Martelly FINI Manda li a... Se sa Anbasadè Americain Pamela White fè Konnen... Pou Premier Minis Laurent Lamothe menm, rete li oswa ale li pa vreman konsene Les Etas Unis, se Haitien ki pou deside... Oh Yeurrrr??? Kisa-w panse de sa???

In an interview given to Haiti newspaper Le Nouvelliste, Ambassador Pamela White said: "We believe President Martelly was elected for a period of time. He must stay until the end of his term..."

What about Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe

Ambassador Pamela White says: "It is not the decision of the decision of the Untied States whether Laurent Lamothe stays or goes... Most will agree that Lamothe has done many great things for Haiti; However, the decision regarding his future lies in his hands and that of President Martelly..."

What do you think about that?

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Florence says...

My Haitian people so stupid and ridiculous people I ever seen, premier ministre Lamorthe should stay, Haitian pa kon sa Yo

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Suzie says...

When Haiti budget is not paid by the international community Haitian will be able to say to them mine your own business but right now they support Haiti they have the right to interfere in every

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Aley Galex says...

Martelly won t goes anywhere neither PM Laurent

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Gabriel says...

Haitian pran tout bagay pesonel, rayi chyen an, men di danl blan. Ou pa bezwen renmen martelly pou renmen bel travail li, ann sipote bel devlopeman kap fet, mdako avew

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Negbelair says...

ala pep sot papa kile ayisyen ap sispann fe nou wont sou intenasyonal la tout tan se youn chire pit boule kawotyou kraze vit machin epi ki rezilta yo minm anko kap rete soufri pep saa renmin mize. si koudeta sa fet map tou bay ayiti do net epi map fe youn blood transfusion elimine Haiti nan kom net. pa panse se Martelly mwen renmen non se developman mwen renmen bagay kap fet Haiti laa se premye fwa mwen we sa depim timoun pep saa pa kon li pa kon ekri epil sot anko. im tired trop koudeta tout ti peyi pase kite nou deye tandiske nou pi gran pase yo 1804 ala

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Gabriel says...

Corrompt president?

Wow. I'm speechless.

Has Haiti had someone who is willing to move forward before?

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Neg Lakay Se Pitit Lakay says...

No I disagree, this corrompt president must go and leave the power asap. Pamela White must stop interfering into Haitian politics, She's a simple Diplomat, she's not

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Neg Lakay Se Pitit Lakay says...

Pamela! Are you Haitian?

when will you stop interfering into Haitian crisis?

Can you stop violate the Vienna

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Neg Lakay Se Pitit Lakay says...

Madanm ! Eskew se Ayisyen ki fe wap foure bouch ou nan zafe peyi dayiti?

kile wap sispann vyole Konvansyon Vye-n lan

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Clerms says...

He stays ...

Now that the opposition can't get their hands on the money they blame the government ...

Open your eyes see the differences that are being made in the country.

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Subject: Haiti - Martelly MUST Stay in Power, the fate of Laurent Lamothe is uncertain, US Ambassador says edit

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