FLASH: Haiti - Politician Turneb Delpé is Dead!

PHOTO: Haiti - Turneb Delpe
Breaking News... Former Haitian senator and opposition leader Turneb Delpé has just died. According to his close relatives, the politician died of cancer Saturday afternoon, 27 May 2017, in a New York Hospital.

Dr. Turneb Delpé is a former member of the Haitain Communist party (PCH). Recently Delpé was a member of the opposition group MOPOD against former president Michel Martelly and his government.

Rest In Peace Turneb Delpé!

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Mirlene says...

Thank you Abel

Thank you

Abel Clervil says...

Sen.Turneb Joseph Delpe Was never never a member of PCH...Adept...

Sen.Turneb Joseph Delpe Was never never a member of PCH...Adept of Dr Lainé, Sen Delpe died as Sec Gnl of PNDPH (Parti Nationaliste Democratique Progressiste d'Haïti)founded by Dr Lionel joseph Lainé...Leader and Apôtre of ''La Conférence Nationale, Delpe from 1986 built :Groupe 157...FNC...FNCD...group 184 aussi MOPOD

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