Haiti - The FEAR of Jovenel Moise is the reason others BLOCKED the Elections, Rudy Heriveaux said

In an interview to radio SCOOP FM, former communication Minister Rudy Heriveaux says "The FEAR of Jovenel Moise" is ther reason the recent presidential elections could not come to a conclusion... They couldn't face him...

Rudy Heriveaux - Haiti Ministre de la Communication

KREYOL: Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux di: zòt te pè Jovenel Moise, se sak fè yo kraze election an... Si yo panse yo pwal nan yon transition ki pap janm fini, y ap reve ak zye yo tou louvri... Kisa ou panse de sa???

According to Rudy Heriveaux, other candidates knew they could not face Jovenel Moise in the elections, they panicked when they heard him speak, they feared his seductive speeches...

They ran away from the elections because they could not face him in the elections.

"Those who are DREAMING of a never-ending transition, they are dreaming with their eyes open," Heriveaux said.

Heriveaux believes there will be elections, there is no other option, and Jovenel Moise will be elected president of the Republic in the second round.

What do you think about that?

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Nuanxe says...

I believe that once Haitian start thiking about the country, there should be a new system in place.

Not any people can become President.

One should have some kind experience and intellect to be able to be a candidate.

Democracy is good, but not the way we are doing

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La Belle Creole says...

Yo pa pè Jovenel.

Yo konnen ke se bouraj bwat vòt ke matelli te fè ki fè Jovenel te devan.

Li pat bon. Yo bien fèt pat al lan 2ziem tou ak volè eleksyon sa yo. Se pou yo met Jovenel a leka et refè eleksyon

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William Jean says...

Or maybe they knew that it was rigged.

How about once the investigation start and we find the truth, then that just might be

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Neglakay says...

Mr. Heriveaux, I trust, knows what he is talking about because he was at the center of power in both PHTK and Lavalas governments.

What seems strange is the tenacity with which they wanted to organize elections even when every body else with some sense knew the elections were impossible.

Saying people were afraid of Jovenel seems not to be the whole truth, because the government and the KEP did not want other people to check the results.

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Maie says...

C est Clair comme de l eau de Roche! Yo pè Jovenel, yo pété Kokin, si ou moun pa wè sa Se sou plan ou yé, wap fè marronage, yo te dwé won't! Kounié a yo melé, tt moun ap gadé yo nan gé! Men caswèl yo bay pou Jude Celestin c pou li Mwen pi wont! C a cause de li crise sa! Lavalasse jwé avel, yo bal panzou! Ala

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Subject: Haiti - The FEAR of Jovenel Moise is the reason others BLOCKED the Elections, Rudy Heriveaux said edit

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