Haiti - Some Senators DO NOT want Elections because they were NEVER Elected

Mezanmi... Tande Koze... A Haitian political leader declared that there are some of the Senators in Haiti who do not want to go to Elections in Haiti simply because there were never legally elected to their post, they were instead hand picked...

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog
Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog

This declaration coincides with one previous declaration by Stanley Lucas who once said on Haitian radio that some of the senators and deputes who are against holding Elections in Haiti do so knowing full well that they are not electable.

Could this be one of the motives behind some of the people who a steadfast against the "Elections Tet Dwat" in Haiti?

What do you think about this?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Yes I agree about that,

It sound this corruption was before papa dock and babe dock, la douane of port au prince, ED.H etc. I want them to stop it, that's way when a candidate is sure he or she win, the oldest Government try to drag the one who wine under his or her feet that candidate is willing to burn the whole Haïti because of the corruption of the President in the past. Forget about Jean Claude Duvalier we keep saying President François Duvalier; President Jean Claude Duvalier, not because they was good persons, they didn't keep Haïti in the garbage like the wicked did for 25 years because they was President for life (Prézidan avi), otherwise they would do worst than that, I understand that, President Martelly can put is money anywhere he want, bank of Suisse and anywhere, Haïti is slippery I will never encourage anybody to put all his money in Haïti, just put your money in different bank, when they see money at the bank fire will come out of their eyes and try to use lawyers, judges to accuse the President for what he never do just to steal the money, in other countries is really bad right now too, at anytime can file for bankruptcy at anytime.

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Aintthatseruous says...

I'm not

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Subject: Haiti - Some Senators DO NOT want Elections because they were NEVER Elected edit

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