Haiti - Senator Moise Jean-Charles calls for formation of a Transitional Government

While the Haiti Senate is asking president Michel Martelly to meet with the group of six senators, Senator Moise Jean Charles has other plans... Moise Jean Charles believes that elections are NOT possible with the current administration... The senator calls for a transitional government and general elections in 2015...

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles

Can you negotiate with a man who already knows what he wants and will not accept anything else?

Also read Haiti - Senate requests meeting between President Martelly and the G6 Senators

Moise Jean Charles is not trying to negotiate with anybody... It's his way or the highway... and his way is straight forward: NO Elections with Martelly and Lamothe in power... LOL

What do you think about that?

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Han Nohen says...

Senators please be sensitive to the cry of the Haitian families including diaspora's.You may have a legitimate cause.

Martelly is not in power for ever but right now please corporate the country to take advantage of this momentum.

Perfect government that does not exist.

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Jenn says...

He's not a right winger or a u.s. puppet

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Bonito says...

The manner in which the question or the questions in this case are being aked already set the tone in their being judgemental and thereby as prejudicial as an accusation as can be in its insincerity in provoking a

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Agent-x says...

Honorable Senator Moise Jean Charles is right because Martelly regime is trying to establish a Right-wing death Squad and a kleptocracy in

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Johny Louis says...

Moise jean charles pou kisa nou pran prezidan martelly gen yon jou pasyans li ap fini jou sa map we avek kimoun ou pral pale tanpri moise 2 eme lundi janvye tou rete lakay ou depi nou pa vote lwa elektoral la prezidan martelly ap fe eleksyon le peyi an pwe pou eleksyon paske se goumen nap goumen nou tout senate yo se mechan nou ye nou rayi pep la pep la menm pa janm ka we kimoun ki pa nan

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