Haiti Senate President Simon Deras Says: "I will begin Dialogue with President Martelly IF..."

Haiti Politics --- There's hope Ladies and Gentlemen... LOL... Hope for Dialogue between La Presidence et Le Senat... Haiti senate president Simon Dieuseul Desras says he will begin dialogue with President Michel Martelly IF and ONLY IF the following conditions are met...

Simon Dieuseul Desras, President du Senat d 'Haiti
Simon Dieuseul Desras, President du Senat d 'Haiti

These are the requirements for the President of the Haiti Senate to resume dialogue with the President of the Republic.

  1. An electoral law
  2. Respect for the prerogatives of the Senate
  3. The publication of the list of names to the Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (la Cour des comptes et du contentieux administratif)
  4. The release of political prisoners
  5. The withdrawal of all arbitrary and authoritarian mandates
  6. Stop political persecution

Once these requirements have been met Michel Martelly send a clear message showing its willingness to establish a rule of law and "it is only then that we could begin talks with him," Senator Simon Dieuseul Desras said Friday morning on Radio Magik 9.

According to him, the head of state is currently suffering from a lack of confidence.

Sa-w di Huh???

Gen espwa pa vre?

Pou mwen menm, sa pa regade-m non kiyes ki gen rezon, ni kiyes ki antò... Degaje fey nou... Misye Miki... Misye Dera... Sispann goumen nou an... epi an nou mete men nan pat la... An nou ranje peyi a pou Haitien sispan pran vye malonèt sal nan men TI pèp nou te okipe... Epi sak pa kontan...

Pour le pays pour le PROGRES... MARCHONS UNIS... LOLLLLLL....


Tout moun ki dakò di AMEN!!!!

Kite yon mesaj!

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Rose says...

In my opinion Haiti's major problem is the lack of education.

the fact that we have the majority of people who has no education.from the presidents that were and is to the poorest.one thing that bothers me when there are elections and haiti and a flood of candidates come we the population have no idea who they are where they come from are what education they received from what university.For people who are living in the us when ever they mention the name of someone they always tell you the person't biography what he/she have done or studied and what he or she is doing

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Regulus says...

pa kwè missié non...

cé dé tèt nan mim bonnèt....

pacé prem na

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Tonton Michel says...

All these demands are vague, what do they want

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