Haiti - Senate requests meeting between President Martelly and the G6 Senators

More Haiti Political talks --- The office of the senate of the Republic sent a letter to President Michel Martelly earlier this week asking for a new meeting with the group of six senators and the political parties and groups (regroupements politiques) of the opposition...

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini

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The purpose of this new meeting request is yet another attempt to try to break the pre-electoral crisis in Haiti...

The El Rancho accord didn't work, another dialogue Best Western didn't work neither except perhaps to place the names of these two hotels in Haitian history books.

Haiti Senator Steven Benoit said: "Elections and Governance are the two main themes to be discussed with the mediation of the Senate and of civil society as observers..."

When and where this meeting will take place is yet to be determined

What do you think about that?

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Johny Louis says...

Prezidan martelly pouve tout moun li renmen peyil li vle pou tout pitit peyi an chita menm kote mezanmi pabay têt nou manti eske aristide tap dako nan tout chita pale sa yo avek moun rankontre pati politik chita sou menm tab avek tout sekte nou sonje aristide se boule li te voye boule pati politik ki nan opozisyon konte li nou sonje sa prezidan martelly mande an nou chita ansanm si ou pa ipokrit eske sepa martelly ki bon demokrat ki vle peyi an avanse tout bon

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Subject: Haiti - Senate requests meeting between President Martelly and the G6 Senators edit

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