Haiti - Security for Aristide was only a Courtesy, Government Spokeperson said

Former President Aristide was provided government security as a courtesy when he returned to Haiti from Exile. This is what Kedlaire Augustin, Porte-parole the Prime Minister said. Aristide, like all other Haitian presidents, was only guaranteed security up to 5 years after he left office by law...

Former President Aristide escorted by Security
Former President Aristide escorted by Security

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I don't think this is something Aristide supported are willing to comprehend... LOL.. In Haiti we only understand what is in our advantage... Right or Wrong?

This topic came up because many people were really upset to hear that Aristide was no longer under the protection of government security agents.

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What do you think about that?

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Louis Sou Facebook says...

Repons porte parol la montre a klè ke se pa kesyon lajis kap regle nan dosye sa. Ki vreman tris pou peyi nou! Ki Ayisyen ap mete yo a hote sacrifice zanzet nou

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

Haiti - Leta pa dwe ARISTIDE sekirite, se te yon koutwazi yo te fè li apre li te retounen soti an exil...

Tout ancien president an Haiti sou protection leta pou selman 5 lane apre yo kite pouvwa a...

Se sa yon manm gouvenman fè konnen...

Kisa-w panse de

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Subject: Haiti - Security for Aristide was only a Courtesy, Government Spokeperson said edit

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