Haiti - Rocks Thrown at President Martelly From the Faculty of Ethnology

Yesterday afternoon, news spread in Haiti that President Martelly survived another attempt. Rocks were thrown at the president and his entourage as he walked by the Faculty of Ethnology.

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Already, there are two sides to the story...

Here is an official statement from the office of communications of the President...

Aggression against the Presidential Procession

Port-au-Prince, Friday, February 17, 2012: The Office of Communication of the Presidency informs the general public and the press in particular that shortly after 3: 00 pm, this February 17, 2012, troublemakers refugees in the enclosure Faculty of Ethnology, attacked the motorcade of the President of the Republic who roamed the area of Champs de Mars, on foot, accompanied by carnival bands.

The presidential security team quickly took all the necessary measures to ensure, in accordance with the law, the safety of the President of Haiti and his motorcade who was able to return safe and sound back to the grounds of the Haiti National Palace.

The Presidency warns all manipulators who carry messages of incitement to violence that they are in violation of applicable laws.

The Presidency calls for calm and encourages all citizens to unite to work, while respecting the law and democratic principles, progress and stability of our common homeland.

According to Radio Vision 2000, this is the presidential version...

In an interview given to Vision 2000 last night, Lucien Jura, the communications director for the president, had to stop the interview and force the radio station journalist to retract his statement that President Michel Martelly entered the faculty in full force with armed men from his entourage to harm the students.

Another thing worth mentioning is that... the radio journalist didn't seem to care that the President of the Republic was in harms way; instead all he wanted was for the porte-parole to admit that Martelly entered the grounds of university in an attempt to harm the students, a statement which Lucien Jura flatly denied.

Which version have you heard?

What do you think about it?

Reply with your comments.

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Monel says...

Mho, do you know that any university's local is inviolable.

I think anyone who got university's practice know that, anybody cannot enter in an university without invitation even the republic's president.

I can forgive president Martely, because he didn't familiarize with the university.but you, I couldn't forgive you, because you're acting like an idio't who qualified the students ignorant.

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Mho says...

I have to say, throwing rock at the president is unacceptable can only happened by an ignorant

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Joseph Oleus says...

monel am not accused any station and am not wicked at your reply my fellow haitian i know its an opinion man and sorry i shoudnt tell you to go listen to news but its just there is some fake report in our cuntry who put their own word into a story monel hope you

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Monel says...

Joseph Oleus sometimes I'm feeling sad and even ashamed for some compatriot who have shown they love Haiti, but only when things going good for them, just to satisfy their own interest, to gain only a piece of bread, they could be said and done anything they want.
Looking at the way you are wicked and even inconsistent yourself when you hate somebody's choice.you can't tell me what kind of news I have to be listened, why you accused Radio Kiskeya and Radio Caraibe.

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Joseph Oleus says...

monel dont you do news or just listen to what them fake reporter say i know damn right what the president do man you ask for one here its is the president went to panama and beg for the the haitian to put down the money on visa wish was $1000 US now its only 50 US now go listen to the good news here is where radiokiskeya.com and many more radiocaraibes.com and many more home

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Monel says...

Joseph Oleus, it look like you don't ability to make a difference between blablabla and better job.If I ask you give me a better job your president did since he got the power.

no doubt you gonna tell me .oooooh the president already sent 903 thousands children to school.B'ulshi't.

Those 903 thousands children used to go to school since preval's presidency.

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Joseph Oleus says...

monel the president doesnt create anything he try to avoid all this thing that ids going but you know how we haitian is we get angry so fast and mostly take little thing and turn them into a big deal but power to the president and his doing a much better job then those forny president before power to michel

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Monel says...

Mr. Jennel Lesperans, you're right the president "try" I like this word try, at the same time he got another crisis or confrontation's candle and the other hand.
I remember when the president was in campaign, he'd said if preval gave him some land, he gonna be built 2 thousands houses to get the people out under the "tents".until now, even"yon tonel" he didn't build, now you talk about try to build big hotel.

listen! You and your president still in campaign or not, because I see you and your paranoiac president still

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Jennel Lesperance says...

Momo, the president not create crisis he try to get school for children, he try to create new hotel for people to create tourist, he try to talk to chavez to help haiti move forward, please tell me what you think the president need do and not do i am interested in knowing.


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Monel says...

LISTEN RONALD, how much chance do you want to give the president to show what he could do.your president prefered creat crisis after crisis, conflict after conflict, intead of he profits te time to do his best for Haiti.

I think we are tired now with that b'ulshi't, the haitian people have to take another speed after tea carnival to get rid of with that

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