Haiti - Ratification of Laurent Lamothe as Prime Minister Begins

The Haitian senate have begun the preliminary steps to ratify Laurent Lamothe as Haiti's next prime Minister.

Laurent Lamothe

Will Laurent Lamothe be approved by the senate become the next prime minister of Haiti?

Hopefully within the next 15 days, we will find out.

What do you think will come out of the ratification process?

Do you think the Haitian senate will approve or reject Lamothe as Haiti's next Prime Minister?

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Patrick Princivil says...

If he is against the corruption the wicked birds have done in the past, why not?

I don't care about his religion, but robbing is not good. Because the nation is already corrupt by robbing Haiti, we are afraid to say yes or not about candidate of Haiti or other black people's country.

To fix Haiti properly, they have to start to give credit to the true Seventh day Adventist members.

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Patrick Princivil says...

The guys are not really smart, the same senate'thieves and whatever, who rob Haiti for many years are in the parliament of Port au Prince to reject our approve good people, it doesn't make any since to me. Because they can't steal anymore, that's why they attack President Martelly with a crappy passport.

For sure, if Laurent Lamorthe don't negotiate under the table with them, they will reject him; if they can't fail him, they will try to find a way to accuse him in something.

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T. Louverture says...

I'm dubious that they will ratify him. Their intentions are written on the wall. I was even astounded to learn that they would begin today the process of the ratification when it has been two weeks since the president made his choice official, they themselves had stated that they would not start the process until the president complies with every inquiry that they make.

I'm of the thought that this is simply a stunt to earn the support of the Haitian people by demonstrating that they want to work with the president and not trying to impede

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

These animals are unpredictible, they might come up with things like he's from the planet Mars or he is Colombian with a South afrikkkkans passport or he is connected with Albanian mafia.

Let's forget about these animals"Senators".

He have

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Etienne says...

I feel that the Haitian Senate will put all differences aside and do the right thing for Haiti.

The Senate will approve Mr. Lamothe as the new Prime Minister.

Is that wisheful thinking on my part?

We do need all the good work of the past few months to

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