Haiti President Martelly To Speak At UN General Assembly Next Week

Haitian president Michel Martelly, First Lady Sophia Martelly, Prime Minister-Designate Gary Conille will leave Haiti Sunday, Sep 18 , accompanied by a large delegation to speak at the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly.

Haiti and the United Nations

This will coincide with a that is scheduled to take place in front of the UN in New York on Monday, Sep 19, asking for the United Nations to leave Haiti.

One of the hot topics being discussed is MINUSTAH in Haiti

Haiti Libre Reports...

"On the agenda of the 66th Ordinary Session: Financing of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti and the situation of democracy and human rights in Haiti. The President Martelly will intervene in the tribune of the UN to present the situation of Haiti to other member countries."

During his trip to the UN, President Martelly is also scheduled to meet to meet with the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Haiti donor countries.

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Ronald Trenard says...

I had said it before and i am going to say it again: give the president a chance to see what we don't see.All the critics will go nowhere.Give the man a chance to do something for the country and then we may pass judgement.

Wheather you like it or not he is the President.

We also must understant Haiti problem will never be resolved in % years of mendat according to our Contitution.Let's keep up that who ever come after marthely will follow his image and do more and as the following will continue the

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Brian Mcdaniel says...

Predident Martelly stand by the nation of Israel.

God says i will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Isreal.

Psalm 33:21 Blessed is the nation who God is the Lord..

We are praying for

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Patricia says...

When are we going to stop those non sense?

no matter how you feel about mr Martelly his name already in history as the 56th president of Haiti.Same way as mr Preval name will be in history after the earthquake when he quote"my palace is colapse I do not have no place to sleep tonight"so let's move on there is to many flaws to point out. Because some way and somehow after 25th years we all shall held responsible for the way Haiti look today, just take a minute to think about it.Then we will see that it is a necessary to put our head together and change Haiti image.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Sister, you will need to send a message to Aristide, Preval as well.
As for Agent-x and the Lavalas crowds, they refuse to understand our nation needs all of

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Patricia says...

Friends, I just watched the president on CNN it was shot because of all those breaking news, but he gave me more hope for Haiti.And the last word mr Piers Morgan said to mr Martelly that he is going to start drinking Haiti coffee now. Please my brothers and sisters let stop fighting each other, we need to put our head together to help Haiti move forward.

I believe Haiti will be on top again if we really want too it can happen.God bless Haiti and God bless you

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Patricia says...

Sir, your comments always make me smile somehow.I'm glad you are there for your country lets hope more of us involve for Haiti to move forward, because if we divided it will be a great disaster for our mother land so lets all bring our expertise to save Haiti.God bless

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Patricia, behind of our president is not enough for me.
I am holding him by the balls to makes sure he know i am there with him for

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Patricia says...

Friends, it is confirmed the president will be interview by Mr Piers Morgan CNN at 9:00PM that is 8:00PM in Haiti, so call all the people you know to watch it.Once again it's on CNN at 9:00PM let stand behind our president also bring all the experts around the table for Haiti to move forward.God bless you

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x, like a told you before.

From now one, you will need to modified your thinking.

New World order, remember.

That's ring your

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Agent-x says...

We hope that some journalist will have the courage to ask him how much money he received from the US to cast a vote against the new Palestinian state.

Agent-X and the rest of the planet will be watching this pathetic moment and the action of this cowardice shameless valet of the

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