Haiti President Martelly: I do not Want to Become a PUPPET

"The President of the Republic should not be a puppet and I have no intention of becoming this puppet," Haitian President Michel Martelly said to the media after the failed attempt to reach an agreement at Best Western with the Senate Wednesday 04 June 2014...

Marionette President Michel Martelly nan Kanaval Gonaives

Martelly recognized that, as president, he has to work together with parliament to "put everyone at ease so we can advance towards the elections," however becoming a puppet and doing what everybody else wants is not an option he is willing to take.

"The opposition keep saying that the provisional electoral council (CEP) is not credible, " Martelly says, "but I only selected three (3) people of the nine members in the CEP, parliament selected three, and the Judicial Branch selected the other three. So if Parliament believes the people they have selected are not credible, I'm thinking perhaps their selections were premature (m panse ke, an partan, li te fè yon travay petèt two vit)."

"I never intended to change anyone in the CEP selections I have made," Martelly continued, "but I did it to please them."

Martelly went on to say that hopefully there can be negotiations where Parliament and the Judicial Branch can change one of their choices to the CEP otherwise he will have no choice but to stick to article 12 of the only document he holds that talks about elections, the El Rancho Accord.

Though some may disagree with the El Rancho accord which they signed but "an accord is a compromise in which you loose some of your powers. It is because it was a compromise that they asked the president to change members of his government," Martelly says, "Because of a compromise they asked me to change one of the members of the CEP. I have always kept my word. Now I reach a point where I don't know what else I can offer."

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Jocelyne says...

I think the president have more power than the others if they want him to make changes what about them what they going to

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