Haiti - President Martelly Heavily Criticized for Meeting Danilo Medina on Dominican Territory

Haiti-Dominican Crisis Update -- Haiti President Michel Martelly is on the HOT SEAT today... Martelly is being criticized heavily by the Haitian Media for, first, requesting a meeting with Dominican President Danilo Medina AND then holding that meeting on Dominican territory in order to discuss a decision that Haiti made to block the entry of 23 Dominican products through the border...

President Martelly and Danilo Medina
President Martelly and Danilo Medina

KREYOL: Haiti - Jounalis ap KRITIKE President Martelly ANPIL pou decision li pran pou Rankontre ak president Dominicain Danilo Medina sou zafè 23 produit Domincain ki paka travèse fwontyè a... Sak pi mal la, yo di, Se Martelly ki mande rankont la, epi Martelly al rankontre ak Danilo lakay Danilo nan peyi Sen Domeng... Kisa ou panse de bagay saa???

News from the other side make it sound like the purpose of the meeting is a possible LIFT of that decision... Something that would make Michel Martelly look really bad in the eyes of all the voters who stand to vote in next week's elections.

Virtually every Haitian Radio station that we tuned in to since the announcement of the meeting today, journalist are horrified by President Martelly's decision.

Hon his program Haiti Debat, Gary Pierre Paul Charles, a Journalist on Haiti radio SCOOP FM, even went as far as saying that Jovenel Moise, Martelly's candidate for President, could loose the elections if Martelly decides to reverse the decision by Haiti to block Dominican products entering through the border.

This looks very ugly, journalist are saying, for haiti to make such a decision and for Haiti to turn back around, request a meeting with the Dominican Republic, and worse, on Dominican Territory...

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (8)

Eliezer Loriston says...

yo pakonn rele moun mateli san pudeur sa san vergogne sa pederas sa crack head sa drog dealer sa voler granchemin sa massissi corias sa pederas sal sa kisa nou te compran litapkafe de serie apar vann drog fimin vole fe massissi se hilary clinton ak tout acolit li yo ou nou di messi parke se yo kimete excreman sa specimen sa kotel ye a pou ap umilie haitien konsa mpakonn pouki dominikin pa enpoizone salopri lelal fe echine soupe lakay yo hoo micky i hate you with a

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Patrick says...

It is a horrible decision and shameful.

This looks really bad and really ugly. It goes against the character of the Haitian

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Tigeorges says...

Trujillo did the same in

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Marie Ghislaine Lysma says...

Quand on ne sait rien sur les comptes des gens, on se

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Y Beauchamps says...

This president his a maron stupid and dumb Sweet micki his not qualify to be in charge in haiti Yes haiti need a transaction group t organize elections and holding until the president in

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Ricart says...

Haiti is a poor country and cannot negotiate from a position of power with the Dominican Republic (the latter has an economy that is 6 to 7 times larger than that of Haiti).

Haiti has 10.32 million mouths to feed and it does not produce enough livestock or food crops to feed the population.

Michel Martelly is currently under immense pressure by economic sectors in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to lift the ban on the 23 Dominican products; in protest, the powerful National Federation of Dominican Transportation (Fenatrado) is blocking its trucks from entering Haiti and they are preventing the entry of Haitians in possession of passport or a Dominican visa to DR; furthermore, merchants of Ouanaminthe and other Haitian residents living near the Dominican border are protesting against the Government's decision due to the shortages faced by their companies.

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Shime Leroy says...

noun critique rpp pou tou bagail quelque soit c li fais yo tap di yo bagaill but Martelly pa care ac ca noune ap

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Hermann says...

Who ever brought up that idear in the first place was a bad idear they only wanted to make more money by blocking the poor as always the Dominican Republic is the only neighbor to help and the closest to arrive when we in need example the earthquake who else arrived within hours think President Martelly should make the right decisions for the

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