Haiti president Martelly facing tough challenges

VIDEO REPORT - Haiti needs a Prime Minister because his signature is needed to start a wide range of projects... President Martelly's job is arguably the toughest job in the Western Hemisphere, AlJazeera says...

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Al Jazeera's Craig Mauro reports from Port-au-Prince.

"Michel Martelly, Haiti's new president, is facing an uphill task following the massive earthquake which destroyed much of the country's infrastructure last year.

Martelly made numerous promises before his term started, but political gridlock and a dire economic situation have stalled progress."

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Mr. Ann Jerry Jerome says...

It is very common for any president around the world to face tough times in this 21st century.

But with their strong believe system and wisdom from God. They will overcome the challenges anyone of them have to

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Josy says...

"really", "you don't say" LOL! DA! You mean President Martelly does not walk on water, and cannot turn water into wine. OMG! He cannot fee 9 millions people with three fish, and a couple of loaves of bread.

I would never guess, and thought he was a mini god. He might be able to take the donkeys to school, but can he make them sit down and learnfrom the teachers.

My grandmother was a saint, and had so many wonderful quotes.

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