Haiti - President Martelly Gives 24 Hour Notice for New CEP Candidates

Haiti President Michel Martelly has issued a 24 hour notice to nine (9) sectors of Haitian society to come up with names of candidates for the formation of the new Electoral council CEP... Read this note from the office of the President...

Haiti Election 2014 - La Marche Ver Les Election

President of Martelly has reached an agreement with several political parties including the opposition for the realization of the elections and also tackle the formation of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to organize the upcoming parliamentary, municipal and local elections in greater transparency.

Entities selected to participate in the formation of the CEP are as follows:

1. Episcopal Conference of Haiti, a member;
2. Cults reformed a member;
3. Peasant Sector / Voodoo, a member;
4. Patronal sector, a member;
5. Sector Trade Union, a member;
6. Press the Sector, a member;
7. the University sector, a member;
8. Woman Sector, a member;
9. Sector for Human Rights, a member.

"Each of the above sectors was informed by letter from the office of the President, dated today, addressed to them, they have, from its receipt, within 24 hours present to the Chairman of the Republic, two independent persons with no party affiliation, one of which is the main choice and the other alternative choices."

Under the same agreement, three areas were specifically designated to be represented by the CEP women to meet the quota principle recognized in Article 17.1 of the Constitution.

These are the sectors University, Women and Trade Union.

The two choices of these entities (Senior Choice and alternative choice) must be female personalities. According to the same agreement signed between the President of the Republic and the political parties, governments, public administration will not be represented in CEP.

What do you think about that?

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All Comments (2)

Patrick Princivil says...

Don't worry!

Very soon we will be in the Parliament of Haiti God's willing,

Against whoever practice corruption in Haiti including: same - sex marriage, gay, lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, kidnapping, terrorist, thief, gangster, US brain's washing, drug dealer, witchcraft, free-mason, false prophets, idol's worshiper.

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Mike Stallone Sylvestre says...

Cette dite décision mérite d'être prise.

Bravo président ;après tant de consensus, il faut prendre une décision d'état pour garantir les institutions et saper en même temps la démagogie

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