Haiti president Jovenel Moise criticized for giving a new car to an 8-year-old girl after she danced on stage (video)

Haitian president Jovenel Moise gave a brand new car to an 8-year-old girl during a world cup festivities at Champs-de-Mars and he has been receive lots of criticism for that.

According to news reports from the Haitian media, the little girl who was only 8 years old (some say she is 6 years old) was dancing on stage in a manner deemed inappropriate by critics for a child that age and she was compensated by the president of the country with a brand new car.

The president gave away many television set and motorcycles but when he handed a brand new car to little girl that triggerd all the criticisms

Communications minister Guyler C. Delva said the President did not ask the little girl to dance contrary to what is being said. It was an improvised part of the program that the president is not responsible for.

After watching the video which has spread on Social Media, each time someone performs the public decided who won, who lost, and what kind of present they should get. after a short performance by the little girl, the public screamed "give her the car"

What do you think about that?

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Phillip A Manning says...

send my message via

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Phillip A Manning says...

I, myself, have not reviewed the article, though! But, it, the conversation sound like a winner to me....

I wonder why I can't pull up the video on this computer...

at this time ...

at the lib...

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Concern says...

If she is brave enough to dance, Then what is wrong with her getting the car?

Her family could take her around to what events she needs to go to without stress.

you could never please everyone.

Jealous people.

Go Mr. president make the youths feel important

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Fred says...

At that little girl age, a car isn't the best gift choice for her. She could've benefited this some other ways; such as a dance school, an account with her name on it to fun her education...

From what I heard it's very expensive to own a can in Haiti with gas prices

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Shelby says...

What was he thinking?

Does he has any advisors at all to help him make the right decision?

The parliament should do something about that ( rale zorey

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Shelby says...

I believe the president should also give her a driver's license too! This is what irresponsible on his part cause the legal age in Haiti is 18 years.

The car should have been given to her parents instead to be

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Goldstein says...

hi woodring,
how old do you have to be to be allowed
to drive in Haiti?

jovenel moise seemed to be psychologically normal balanced so far.
Now i must admit i don t know, but i don t trust journalists.Free tvs and free new cars now, it s time for jovenel to
see a shrink.what else can I say?

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Subject: Haiti president Jovenel Moise criticized for giving a new car to an 8-year-old girl after she danced on stage (video) edit

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