Haiti Politics - Who is the TRUE LEADER of the Opposition?

QUESTION: What happens to Haiti should the opposition succeed in overthrowing President Martelly? Who is the TRUE LEADER of the Opposition? Moise Jean Charles? Rony Thimotée? Assad Volcy? Andre Michel? Another? or Jean Bertrand Aristide? These are the questions Haitian journalists keep asking and they cannot find real answers...

Moise Jean Charles - Jean Bertrand Aristide

The media seem to be worried that the opposition is divided and, should that opposition succeed in overthrowing President Martelly, fight will break out among them.

What do you think about that?

Who do you think is the TRUE LEADER of the opposition?

Do you feel that the opposition will be united as ONE should that time come for them to lead Haiti.

Draw a picture, tell me what you think will happen should Martelly leave office tommo...

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Henri Brunot says...

Cenateur Moise, your future is shining and so far we are encouraging you in the direction you are taking, however I am going to show you the dark part of your efforts:
Try not to give too much details about your political plan. It is important that you show where you are and where you want to go, but try to politicize your responses during the

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Fete says...

The master brain is

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Lance says...

The legitimate leader of this movement is none other than Senator Jean Charles

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Versaint says...

Si l'enchaînement se constitue avec ces derniers, il est clairement prouvé que: Pour l'histoire, dès les années quarante, un officiel patriote eût à dire ''Le jour où la société haïtienne se fait la tête de laisser tomber le dirigisme de la nation entre les mains des gens sous-développés, ce sera enfin la trahison absolue aux sacrifices de nos Héros. Alors, à ce genre de rengaine des soi-disant opposants du régime actuel, sommes-nous déjà à l'exécrable

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Bonito says...

This question is in and of itself interesting as it seems to propose the usual cult of personalities we've grown accustomed to. Everyone knows it's a necessity and a must to have numerous leaders involved when it comes to the struggle of a people divided socially, economically and geographically into different factions and groups for its self-definition and self-determination.

It is through a concensus at the opportune time no different from the then naming of Dessalines as the leader of the revolutionary army that they will as well arrive at their own, a rassembleur and a manager to execute the ideas being formulated.

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Garry says...

They work under aristide.

Haiti was at peace till he came

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Patrick Princivil says...

Anmwey baré pati opposition an, vòlè, rakétè, kidnapè, machan dròg, chimè, assassin.

Viv Prézidan Martellly ak Lamothe, tout diaspora yo pa dékourajé an byen préparé nou pou nal dévoré pati opposition an nou pap janm kwè yo e nou pap janm kwè yo nan sa yap di e sa yap fè; ti salòp, yo pagen lajan sé yo ki pou anba pied nou, gèt manman yo, sé pou tout mouri, raché Moise Jean Charles lagué vian ni bay chien méchan, viv Prézidan Martelly ak Lamothe, plichon, madichon sou opposition gran manjè sa

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Galette Sou Facebook says...

Tout moun sa yo nou site a se tchoul yon sel neg yo ye epi nan manifestasyon an yo nonmen non lot moun.

Se yon sel moun yo site fok ou we tout moun ki nan lari a kiyes ki mete

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Tiguy Sou Facebook says...

Yo tout se chef leader, se Tom bet a plusieu tet. Se SAK fe opposition an pa eclate lheu election paske tout ap bezwen

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