Haiti Politics - President Martelly response to Desras upset some people in the opposition

President Martelly is Arrogant... Really? LOL... There are some people in the opposition who are not very happy about the response President Michel Martelly gave to Senate president Simon Dieuseul Desras in regards to starting a whole new dialogue over Elections...

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a

Senator Deras invited President Martelly to meet with the G6 senators of the opposition to chit chat... If you read Lucien Jura's explanation of Martelly's response, he kinda told them to go to hell... In some really good French kind of way... LOL...

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Alter press wrote an article with the title: "Haiti-Politique : La réponse de Martelly au sénat, un pas vers l'aggravation de la crise préélectorale"

Se repons la ki agrave bagay yo ou bien eske kaa grav deja??? Mwen jis ap mande... LOL...

I heard MOPOD is upset... I heard Sauveur Pierre Etienne of OPL Told Martelly to be careful... I even heard one of the senators of the G6 say that Martelly is arrogant...

Hmmmmmm... Se gro koze...

What do you think?

Should President Martelly dump the El Rancho Accord and reboot?

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Danis Bastien says...

I really like Martelly can I say good job president because you alone can to do something like that after January 12, 2010 that can I say again good job

All you like him for me

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Patrick Princivil says...

Don't worry about that,

Let them talking, when the day come (pè Lebrin) with his disciples will have to shut

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Subject: Haiti Politics - President Martelly response to Desras upset some people in the opposition edit

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