Haiti Politics and the Opposition's Quest for Palais National

One topic that was discussed today on Haitian radio is the political opposition in Haiti and their all-important quest for their protest to reach Palais National... "7 tou Palais National pandan n'ap chante Jericho miray la kraze," Opposition leader Timothe Rony always says before each and every protest...

Haiti Manifestation 28 Avril 2014 - CIMO bloke wout manifestan yo

When you pay attention to public opinion, hen you hear callers calling in to Haitian radio stations to give their opinion on the air, the majority of them, they don't get it...

The other day, I was trying to report the news about a protest that started in belair, I stopped for a minute to arite the article that the protest had started and heading for Palais National, of course, and before I could finish writint the article. The protest was already over because protestors attemted to breach the security near the grounds of the Palace and couldn't...

Gaz lakrimojèn... Tank gaz boule, vit machin kraze, you now how the story ends...

What is your opinion about this?

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Olibery says...

C inbesil nou ye nap toujou ap drive nan pays noun pou yo ap fe nou manje k.k.gad Sá ou di

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Huguens says...

M dako

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Patrick Princivil says...

Manifestatyon sa-a fèt prèské chak semaine en Haïti sé paské yo pa vlé planté la tè ankò.

Yo vi'n dèyè fè manisféstatyon pou yo ka profité casé magazin mou'n, vòlè afè mou'n. Sé sa yo kon'nin sé sa yap fè.

Yon sèl jan pou Président Martelly ak Lamothe fixé problem sa-a sé chak tan yo fè manifestation, sé pou government Martelly -a fè yon jan li ralé tout vi-n anba ventre yo, dépi sé terrain yo gin yin nan province yo acheté tout nan mains yo et ba yo visa pou yal Saint Domingue.

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Robert Jean Augustin says...

The goverment need few radio station so
the can take few off people who very educated
to talk to them, must off them don't know nothing
and some off them doing bad things for money just like God said they don't know what they

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Robert Jean Augustin says...

Just not good at all Haitian must understand the president can't not give all Haitian every body job they all

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Bonito says...

If the common folks of Haiti have found it necessary to take onto the streets to voice their frustrations and to the palace for The President to hear them, I'm inclined to beleive it's out of necessity and that a significant proportion of their representatives have failed

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