Haiti Politics - 12 Janvier 2015 Parliament will be CADUQUE but 13 Janvier will be a day like any other day, Govt spokesperson said

Haiti is about to have another 12 Janvier, a POLITICAL 12 Janvier, the second Monday of January, when the Haitian Parliament will be CADUQUE (dysfunctional)... Some people are expecting the worse to happen in Haitian politics; however, the Porte-Parole for Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says 13 Janvier 2015 will be a day like any other day...

Haiti Caricature - Group 6 Senatè yo pap ale nan Eleksyon ak Gouvenman Tet Kale a

Men kisa Pierre Michel Brunache Porte-parole Premye minis la te di... Yon resume...

Manda yo [palmantè] ap fini, pap genyen palman, ap rete 10 senatè, palman an ap disfonksyonèl... Se sa 6 senatè yo te vle, se sa ki ap rive, 12 Janvier ap yon jou tankou tout jou ep population ap pare li...

Translation: Their terms will be finished, there will be no parliament, there will only be 10 senetors left, parliament will be disfuncitonel... that's what the Group of 6 Senators wanted, so it shall happen, 13 Jaanvier will be a day like any other day...

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah love. I think that you are saying that the tet kale administration should hold elections in 2015 with Lamothe as presidential candidate.

And that they should also renew their candidacy in 2021. That is ridiculous.

The overwhelming majority of the Haitian people want to vote for Fanmi Lavalas.

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

How can a parliament be dysfunctional when there are 10 senators left?

There will be no quorum to approve any laws, or make resolutions, but there is a presence.

In the US, when the senate is on vacation and to prevent the president to make appointments without the senators, the group leaves behind a senator to open and close the session, thus preventing the Executive from making any decision.

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Patrick Princivil says...

I have to give the truth,

I am 100 percent with the Martelly and Lamothe's government not because I know they are good persons, because they was in the big country like U.S, they should know if they take loan on Haiti's shoulder from other countries they have to pay bak, they should know what collection mean.

We don't want coco-rate Haitien President like before who will borrow money on Haiti's shoulder and don't pay, that's why we prefer only Haitian's diaspora who know well about loan, morgage including all kind od credit to rule Haïti properly; we need a President who have heart to pay his bill properly because if they fail to pay these bills we will pay pay the price like they have done from 1986-2014; I don't really care about papa doc baby doc: they was dictators.

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Subject: Haiti Politics - 12 Janvier 2015 Parliament will be CADUQUE but 13 Janvier will be a day like any other day, Govt spokesperson said edit

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