Petion Favard - Haiti Political Party Leader accused of Stealing Election Money

Haiti Elections Update -- Jean Petion Favard, the Haitian party leader under which Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel Loto) is a candidate for president, has been accused of stealing ALL of the Election money, about $2.2 million gourdes, given to him by the Haitian Government for his party candidates...

Jean Petion Favard
Jean Petion Favard

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Petion Favard volè TOUT lajan Elections Gouvènman bay pati politik li a, misye kraze raje... Se akizasyon saa lot kandida Mouvement d'Action Socialiste (MAS) yo mete sou do li... Zin Pete! Kisa ou panse de sa...

With 500 million gourdes up for grabs in these elections, there is no doubt that some Haitian politicians would look to CASH in a big chunk of it... Petion Favard took the whole thing, the entire piece of the pie he received from the government Elections Fund, he didn't share a penny with the other candidates, according to complaint from other party candidates on Haitian radio over the past few days.

Some of the accusations coming in is that Petion Favard also took money from candidate for president Eric Jean Baptiste in order to campaign but he didn't campaign at all... He was dead last in the elections results with only a few votes.

Petion Favard whom accusers say disappeared after talking all the money has resurfaced and has been going on Haitian radio to try explain what happened the money he says belongs to the political party and not the candidates.

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