Haiti Police Order: Extract Aristide out of his house in Tabarre and bring him to the Judge Friday

BREAKING NEWS - Bring Aristide to Me... That's an ORDER! --- This Friday, Former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide is to be EXTRACTED out of his house in Tabarre and brought to court... This is an order issued directly to Haiti's police Chief, Godson Orelus, from Haitian Judge Lamarre Belizaire...

Former President Aristide escorted by Security
Former President Aristide escorted by Security

Note: EXTRACTION is the act or process of getting something, or someone in this case, by pulling it out, forcing it out, etc...

Aristide who is already under house arrest is considered a prisoner, HCNN reports, and police Chief Godson Orelus is to make sure, Aristide is escorted by police to the judge's office on Friday...

Bon fout... Men li... Kisa ki pwal pase jounen vandredi saa nan Tabarre? LOL...

What do you think about that?

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Shilet says...

I cant wait to bring this evil to the jail f--k

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Macandal says...

The voice of the people is the voice of

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Macandal says...

well, well,well allways give the people what they want. Never hold back who or what the people hold so dear....

no other candidate has that much supporter...

remember Clinton a wolf in sheep clothing...well we know titid called America imperialist that is a fact. need to be mentioned.

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Ti Michel says...

This is long over due. This president that used to be a Priest became the President of a impoverished Country/Nation whom instead of improving the countries infrastructure crippled it and its people.

He (Aristide) promoted tire burning to disrupt and create discomfort in the country for his own benefits.

He was and will not be any different than the rest that promised to improve the living conditions and standard of our country.

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Kungfu says...

I agree.

the fact is micky views titid a threat or his daddy-America is telling him to do it. The people of Haiti know the difference between a father and a fool. we know micky is a fool. two different education.

one a linguist the other a dancing

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Wade says...

this poor president Aristide don't have nothing to do with anything I think they have more job to do then focus on him and his family I think that they should live him alone with his family quietly and

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Kungfu says...

the demonstration by the masses to protect this man is something to consider.

the (lakou) is serious.

let's use are spiritual sense to make judgement.

our view of titid is westernized.

spiritually the lakou says no. youtube titid.

do your

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Patrick Princivil says...


Mwen bouke ak afe arete sa a, si nou dekouvri non-m nan se yon kriminel fe sa nap fe avel la, se pa plede di nap fe epi nou kanpe byen lwen, sa se plat. Sa nou vle fe a se fe

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Jclaurent says...


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Carlz E Francois says...

Persecution politique, men si li se criminel yo dro jugel.

Pa gen moun ki pi wo pase la lwa. Pou kisa yo pat juge Jean Claude Duvalier?

Haiti se yon pays

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Subject: Haiti Police Order: Extract Aristide out of his house in Tabarre and bring him to the Judge Friday edit

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