Haiti Police Chief Summoned to The Senate, Find Out Why!

Haiti's police chief, Mario Andresol, is scheduled to appear in front of the senate Monday to unveil the security plans of the Haitian national police force immediately following the publication of the election results.

This is according to Haitian Senator Youri Latortue, via Radio Kiskeya.

Threats of violence is anticipated following the publication of the of the results. It is said that the Haitian national police will NOT tolerate any form of post-election violence regardless who is the winner.

Here is the official warning to the people of the Republic...

"No act of violence will be tolerated and contestation of the election results of March 20 will be made only in the manner provided by law"

The rumor, according to Radio Kiskeya is...

"Zeallous supporters of candidate Michel Martelly have acquired machetes with intent to retaliate against a possible failure of the candidate-singer"


Are we to assume that the winner will NOT be the candidate these 'zeallous supporters' are anticipating???

What if the winner is the other candidates whom everyone think will loose?

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Sergo Jean says...

I disagree with:Paske Mario se chef la police pou yon long tan mwen pa cre se counie a li bezwen al devan sena pou revele plan de securite peyi d'Haiti apre elecsyon.Plan securite Haiti pa nan men ni Mario, ni MINUSTAH paske se prezidan preval ki responsab pou zafe sa, si gen yon bagay se li menm ki pou bay lod pou fe mete lod nan dezod, Mario selman ka aji ou bien li reaji avec troup li yo.Mwen panse convocasyon sa ta doue fet pou premie minis la avec minis justice la, sou plan securite pa yo paske se yo menm ki responsab.mwen panse senate a bezwen reyelman sistem leta an

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Sherak says...

Youri Latortue ap asire plas li pou yo pa aretel nan drug, li ap distribye zam, papa kaka

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Pierre Brisseau Pierre says...

It seems that the elections' results will be not sure. It ssems that a one is making a complot against the people will. I can't understand why the haitian autorities think there will be a chaos after the elections

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Garry Destin says...

Great to hear my

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Patricia says...

Friends! let pray for God to have mercy on Haiti, because we can not efford any more violence.

Believe it or not God is in control of everything;stand still and trust him.He will destroy the devil plans since he can make history repeat itself it is done.Stay calm and focus have faith! God bless all of you and may he bless

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

We need also, border patrols guards, coast guards and independent secret service agency system to serve and protect the

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Ayiti says...

Souvni D'Ayiti
Lyrics and Melody by Dr. Othello Bayard

Ayiti cheri pi bon peyi pase ou

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Garry Destin says...

You are a great strong person whom I envy. I understand what you said. But being afraid that the young learns from the old but the old has nothing to offer but love the of desperation will lead to nothing but a void untill nature finds them not fit for survival.

If you remember the song from baby and papa doc "si nou pa gin lajen sa pa di no anyan.

nou abitue nan mise, n'abitue nan grangou.

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Oukonkiyes says...

You passion and love for our Haiti is clear.

But again, i must remind to be careful not too let the poison that you hate make its way to your mind.

Thought of Creation is of love, and thoughts of destruction is of

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Garry Destin says...

Being born in captivity doesn't have to turn one into animal or worse.

remembering the past helps one to evolve into the future.

Men don't live for food alone that is what the bible say. living for food alone, you have no soul. Even God doesn't see you as human, you become a wasted mind, or should say something for scientific experiments because you don't feel pain, hurt, shame nor filth.

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