Haiti Police Chief Godson Orelus Criticized by RNDDH for wearing PINK at Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami

These days, PINK in Haiti these days means Tet Kale... And for the Haitian chief of police to join the staff of Gouvenman Lakay ou in Miami on stage wearing one of the pink shirt that was made for the occasion, that's sign of politicization of the National Police, RNDDH says...

Haiti Police Chief Godson Orelus - Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami

The National Human Rights Defense Network - Réseau National de Défense des Droits Humains - RNDDH says this is a grave issue that may even lead to fraudulent elections...

Mezanmi... Tout sa poutet yon mayo rose?

Rose (PINK color) symbolizes a political party, Pierre Esperance of RNDDH says. The national police is non-political, and therefore the chief of police should not have worn the pink shirt on stage.

Pierre Esperance says he is worried that the Executive branch is trying to politicize the Haiti National Police force and warns the public that during the next elections, the Executive may put the Haitian police at its service in trying to organize fraudulent elections...

I didn't think all of that could come out of the wearing of a pink shirt on stage... After all, the only thing that Godson Orelus spoke about on stage at Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami was about the work being done by his police force to provide more security in Haiti.

What do you think about that?

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Duly says...

se yon vreman maskarad.

Si palman haitien an te konple, se pou yo te intepile chef police haitien, epi chanje

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

We need to start understanding what symbolism is. I agree with RNDDH, the Police is not part of the government.

People may think it is insignificant but it is not. Image! Image! Image! The message being conveyed by the Police Chief is that these people own me. I am not independent even if it is not the case. We need to start also respecting protocol.

Was the Chief of Police forced to

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Schill says...

Haitians have short memories, the first politcal crisis Arisitide had was because his chief of police at the time was acting on his behalf and that is how Andresol became chief of police as a compromise with the opposition.

Like I say we have short

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Rony Emile says...

À mon humble avis, je ne pense pas que l'action posée par le Directeur général de la Police Nationale d'Haïti, a eu pour objectif premier d'insulter le Peuple haïtien ou autre particulier.

Loin de là, il tient tout simplement, par son geste, à conserver sa position; c'est tout à fait normal mes amis. Essayons de lui comprendre et pardonnons-le. Merci

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John says...

Poukisa RNDDH pat kritike Anel Belizaire le li te pote yon zam a fe nan mitan yon manifestasyion, RNDDH pe pou Anel pa al kraze tout ofis li gen nan peyi a, mwen pap tandel nan zafe chef polis

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Rigal Simon says...

Kote rnddh te ye lè arnel belizaire te pran gro zam li pandye nan kou l al nan manifestation an yo pat janm di anyen yo pat

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Cliff says...

Remember that, he is a Police Chief and he doesn't have anything to do with politics even though he wore Red, green, pink that don't mean he is a tet kale although take a look back on Aristide and Preval regimes and if you would like to make the different compare to what tet kale done, that would be

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Subject: Haiti Police Chief Godson Orelus Criticized by RNDDH for wearing PINK at Gouvenman Lakay ou Miami edit

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