Haiti Parliament is Very UNPRODUCTIVE, Washington says...

A note from the United States Government to Haitian Lawmakers: Pass laws that can facilitate the development of Haiti... LOL... According to the U.S. government, the 49th legislature of haiti appears singularly unproductive...

United States Capitol Building

Do you agree with this statement?

Mesye... Komsi, ou vle di-m Washington telman we senatè Haitiens ap voye monte nan RADIO olye de TRAVAY pou travay ke popilasyon an voye yo fe andean sena-a ke yo oblije di yon pawol konsa?

Sak p-ral pase konye-a? Senater yo pral louvri yon komision d'enquette pou yo wè si se nan primature oswa nan palais nationale not sa-a soti?

Hmmm... Antouka...

Thomas C. Adams, special Representative for Haiti at the State Department, said in early October that Haitian lawmakers had not passed enough laws to help the country cope with the challenges posed by modern development and investment.

"The Haitian parliament has demonstrated a singular unproductive this year by voting ONLY 9 laws in total,'' Mr. Adams said before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives at a hearing session.

He says Haiti needs laws to fight corruption and laws to facilitate business investment in Haiti.

Obviously, somebody it trying to tell the Haitian lawmakers to do their freaking job...

What do you think?

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Hubert Gerisma says...

This is totally correct, well said. I hope their learn from this

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Winer Mathieu says...

hum ca devrait etre faire depuis longtemps c'est vraiment penible de voir quelqu'un en faveur de ses ignards parasites parlement qui ne font rien absolument pour le peuple et qui envoi cette phrase (laissons nous gerer nos problemes) DEPI DEPARTEMENT D'ETAT DIT: 49 em legislature sa improductive sa vle dit voye yo ale nous pa beswen

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Ba-rack says...

He is absolutely correct.

These government officials refuse to change, the population keep getting dumber due to desperation.

How can a senator be allowed to try and initiate a coup on a country that's barely standing?

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Patrick Gaspard says...

Thank you, Messieurs les profs donneurs de lecons.

On est bons ou mauvais eleves selon vos interets du moment.

C'est vrai ce que vous dites, mais regardez du cote de chez vous et laissez nous gerer nos problemes.nous ne pouvons plus faire confiance a

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