Haiti Opposition REJECTS Martelly's Plan for a Government to Replace him after 07 Fevrier

Haiti Transition 2016 Update --- Opposition leaders are opposed to a plan by President Michel Martelly and Haitian lawmakers to establish a new Prime-Minister-only government to replace him after he leaves 07 Fevrier, Sunday... According to some opposition leaders, any plan that does not include the opposition is NO plan at all...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly sou Train li, Mirlande Manigat ak Moise Jean Charles kanpe nan mitan wout li...

The opposition have a plan of their own and Martelly is not a part of it... Plus, the idea of anyone smelling like Martelly or Tet Kale to run the country in this transitional period is a big NO NO for them...

Three prime minister were proposed as possible candidates to run the transitional government, Assad Volcy of platfom Pitit Desalin said: "They are allies of Martelly and we don't want them. This initiative is null and void," according to Reuters...

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Neglakay says...

It is normal for the opposition to reject the plan concocted by the government and the parliament because both of these entities have major legitimacy issues.

For one, Martelly can not have the privilege to choose another Pongongon to continue the doctrine Adelante that has led the country to this Kachouboumbe we are in. Secondly, the parliament, apart from the 10 senators that have been there before the 2015 elections, does not have enough legitimacy to act on behalf of the country in this time of crisis.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sispens !

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Subject: Haiti Opposition REJECTS Martelly's Plan for a Government to Replace him after 07 Fevrier edit

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