Haiti Politics - Newton St-Juste walks away from Platform JISTIS

Have you heard? Haiti laywer and political activist Newton Louis St-Juste is no longer a member of Platfom JISTIS... Newton has decided to walk away from the brand new political platform created with fellow activist Andre Michel... These guys are like Batman and Robin... SO... What happened?

Newton St Juste, Andre Michel - Haiti Political Activists

KREYOL: Men ZIN... Haiti - Avoka Newton St-Juste kite Platform JISTIS... Sanble misye divòse ak Mèt Andre Michel... Sak pase menm??? Kisa ou panse de sa?

There is a resignation letter circulating on the Haitian social media network in which Newton St Juste wrote to Platform JISTIS submitting his resignation following some issues having to do with his candidacy, issues he said "vilifies the democratic values proclaimed by the Constitution of the Platform JISTIS..."

Hmmmm... Se gro koze

What do you think about that?

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Subject: Haiti Politics - Newton St-Juste walks away from Platform JISTIS edit

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