Haiti - Moise Jean Charles : What is Privert waiting for, ON with Election Verification or else!

Haiti - Candidate for president Moise Jean Charles is beginning to wonder what is taking president Jocelerme Privert son long to move fowrard with the election verification commission... Moise and his Platform Pitit Desalin are threatening to hit the streets in protest if the commission doesn't get to work ASAP...

KREYOL: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles mande KISA Privert ap tann toujou ki fè li poko mete Commission verification an sou pye? Moise di l ap frenk pran beton an pou fòse Privert pran men li... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Keep in mind... Moise Jean Charles is next in line should any of the the 2 candidate in the lead (Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin) be knocked off course...

What do you think about that?

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Elizabeth Francois says...

Paske lap fe lobey toutan yo pa arete la. welcome to

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Kite neg an repo pou li fe travay la. Nou toujou prese anpis nou map regle

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Neglakay says...

Se pa vre ditou Nico paske MJC pa moso gason.

Si l te fasil konsa, yo ta fe yon jan avek li deja. Vyolans pa solisyon an, antann pou n antann nou. Sinon, nou tout ap

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Concern says...

Well today on the News in the BVI it was said that Haiti's election would not be held until sometime in October.

I smile because I read in Your article that if they holds the election earlier persons in parliament would not get their benefits.

What kind of message are they sending to the people of Haiti?

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Love Haiti says...

Se sou kraze brize yo ye; volè bagay machan

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Doune Sou Facebook says...

Poukisa yo pa met mouche sa nan centre psychiatrie...

li radote

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Nico Sou Facebook says...

Di li pran béton an yap maré li tankou krab yo pensé PHTK dou?

Dlo posé pas konn nan ranse

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Jean Sou Facebook says...

Nap depanse tout ti mil goud nou genyen Privert pap fe on pa kita on pa Nago se pep la kite mete l jiskaske li pase mayet la bay Marise Maryse Narcisse or Moise Jn

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Subject: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles : What is Privert waiting for, ON with Election Verification or else! edit

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