Moise Jean Charles: I would RESIGN if I was president of Haiti and the people were protesting against me

Ex Haitian senator and opposition leader Moise Jean Charles said: "If I was president of Haiti right now and the people started protesting against me in the streets, I would resign." Would he REALLY?

Moise Jean Charles - President de La Republique Jiskobou

I would resign because it's the will of the people, because I wouldn't have a choise," Moise Jean Charles said during an interview to Journalist Guerrier Dieuseul Wednesday in the morning news program Journal Premye Okazyon on radio Caraibes FM.

QUESTION 1: Is Moise Jean Charles trying to give President Jovenen Moise a hint?

Is Moise Jean Charles trying to tell Jovenel Moise that he should do what "the people" (pèp la) want simply "the people" (pèp la) are protesting in the streets of Haiti.

But wait... What about "the people" (pèp la) who voted for Jovenel and who want him to finish his term?

QUESTION 2: Would he really? Do you really think Moise Jean Charles would resign if he was president of Haiti and a group of people were protesting in the streets?

What do you think about that?

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Tito says...

The only reason he's saying that is in hope to put himself as the choice of the

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Ernst A says...

You're lying, you wouldn't resign if you know that those people on the streets are being payed to be there.

Every time you see them on the streets, they're only doing a job.

We now know and understand the magnitude of corruption you a bunch of senateurs whom are being payed by an energy company that's financing the movement on the street against a gouvernment that is in the country of AYITI's interest.

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Alexa says...

Moise Jean-Charles doesn't look well at all on the picture.

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Fire says...

I agree with the comment of the person statement.

He need to keep silent.

You need to stop trying to break down your country.

Let the country get a chance to

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Genevieve says...

First all his not the President and second he would never be.

Why dont you resign doing what you kept doing to Haiti and to some people like you who dont know much. Go wash your grassy face Jovenel is the PRESIDENTand you are NOTHING that is title so sit

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Galujo Charles says...

Poor Haiti...

So unlucky country...

What a sadness! Will it come a time for the beautiful people of Haiti to get the leaders they deserved?

So much fatras, so much garbage! Such leaders should be sent in a desert and kept there so they stop destroying people dreams and aspirations to a more decent

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