Haiti MINUSTAH Withdrawal Meeting Today In South America

Representatives of the defense ministries of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) will meet today, Thursday September 8, 2011, to discuss the withdrawal of MINUSTAH troops in Haiti.

MINUSTAH - Hasta La Vistah

The Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs of the following countries will be attending this meeting, according to Haiti news site :

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Will MINUSTAH just get up and leave Haiti?

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PHOTO: Haiti Peacekeeping Mission - MINUSTAH lowers its flag on Haiti, this mission is over   PHOTO: Closing ceremony of MINUSTAH in Haiti   Haitien, MINUSTAH Ale, MINUSTAH Resi Kite Peyi a...   PHOTO: Haiti - MINUSTAH ap travay... LOL...   MINUSTAH Rèd Kon Ke Makak   MINUSTAH - Rape in Haiti   Colonel Bernard Ouellette   Shayne Gilbert  

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Tancrede says...

They should not let these foggats leave the country they should judge them under the haitian code of law and the next step hang all four of them at the same time when I read news like that I shake my head and francois duvalier came in my mind they should leave the country they not doing nothing beside spread diseases cholera they teach our kids how to do kidnapping rapist go to hell we dont want

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Marie Elie says...

ke yo kite peya bann porteurs du cholera bann rapist bann bann homoxuel sal malhonnet yo jwenn bon manje yo jwen bon van.

mais malediction ap poursuivyo jusk nan tombo yo paske anyen paka cache aux yeux de Jehovah

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Bernard says...

I agree with you, they should leave Haiti, but how are we going to keep the peace?

I think its time that the people of Haiti take to the street and start protesting, its time for a government to be in place otherwise its going to be chaos, I dont see how the police force in Haiti is going to be able to handle the crime situation that Haiti is facing right now! The parliement need to stop dragging their feet purposely because its not an Aristide backer that is president, since they are violating the constitution, its time that Marthely sets up a goverment and parliement without them, and freeze their salary.

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Negbelair says...

they're not peace keepers "they are rapist-keepers" Disease-keepers.

And if they don't leave now it will be 1804 all over again.

They want to convert my people into homosexuality and we say hell no take you f at #it ass back to where you came from and leave us be. ALASO my people sousoukoda throw them out if they don't want to leave our beautiful island.

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Damebochie says...

Abraham di c'est assez! They must leave.

We don't want those pedophiles, rappers, cholera carriers in our country anymore.

I am glad the South Americans dignitaries are meeting about that. How about the Asian Minustah?

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Myrtho says...

It is going to be very hard to make those perverts leave since they never had so good in they life.The new government should put in place as quickly as possible a military system to protect citizens, We don't need the presence of those so- called peacekeepers who take pleasures in violating the rights of Haitians citizens living in their own country.One way or the other they must exit the country.

We understand that the new President has so much in his plate but people well-being has greater

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Kerlando says...

gouvernement dwe chita konye a pou yo panse kouman, pou yo mete yon force armee sou pye, ki pou servi nation an, men malveyan sa yo dwe kite haiti, yo fe trop. MiNusta lew wap kite pays please kite materiel yo pou nouvelle force arme a ki pwal formee a.
ou met ale minista nou pap regret

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Jude Joseph says...

Frankly speaking, I will vote for a Duvalier system 1000 times.

Who would dare do all these rabish in Haiti, with Haitians when Duvalier system was there?

Haiti was proud in these

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Monpremier says...

Yes they most go that's the only way we can be safe from desease from rape from kindnaping from the smell of gay people thank you for all bad things you had done to the haitian people and bye I hope you never come

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Soonie says...

We need to let those trash know we want take it no more.
People think we Haitian are for them to walk on. Come to our
country to steal our children, rape our people, and it's ok.
I don't think so. We need to start taking care of ourself.


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