The Haitian Military will keep its name: Forces Armés d'Haiti (FAD'H)

PHOTO: Haitian Military Engineers accompany Defense Minister Hervé Denis
The new Haitian armed forces will not change its name. She will keep her legendary acronym FAD'H. Les Forces Armées d'Haiti...

Haiti's Defense Minister Hervé Denis made the announcement Monday at a press conference at the Ministry of Communication.

"The first duty of a democratic government is to respect the Constitution," Minister Denis said. "We did not create the Armed Forces of Haiti. This institution existed long before this government. Although the Constitution has been amended, this name remained. The Haitian army will keep this name out of respect for the Haitian Constitution"

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Haiti Nouvelles Les nouvelles forces armées haitiennes ne changeront pas de nom. Elle conservera son acronyme légendaire FAD'H. Les Forces Armées... see more
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Subject: The Haitian Military will keep its name: Forces Armes d'Haiti (FAD'H) edit

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