Haiti - President Martelly Meeting with G6 Opposition Senators DID NOT Happen - Why NOT?

There was a meeting scheduled for 11am this Monday, 01 September 2014, between Haiti President Michel Martelly and the Goup of 6 (G6) Senators from the Opposition to discuss the Elections and the Electoral law... That meeting DID NOT take place... Why Not? Keep reading...

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles

For one thing, Senator Pierre Francky Exius, on of the members of the G6 opposition senators, Told Marie Lucie Bohnome of Radio Vision 2000 they they did not want to go to the National Palace where the meeting was scheduled to take place...

Radio Kiskeya reported Monday afternoon that G6 Senators want to meet with the political parties of the Opposition first before they engage in a meeting with President Martelly. This is what Senator Wesner Polycarpe, another G6 opposition senator, said according to the radio station.

So... G6 is supposed to meet with political parties and groups like INITE, FUSION MOPOD Kontra Pep Pa, Haitien pou Haiti, LAVALAS, etc, tuesday and later they will anounce to the public when they will meet President Martelly

More delays in the election process...

What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sé wont yo wont,

apré tout tenten yo fi-n fè la a mwen ta wont

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Bernard says...

Neg yo pa vle eleksyon an yo prefere mande prolongasyon olye pou gen eleksyon.Donk pep la genyen pou li pran not kont neg sa yo e gen anpil kap bat bravo pou gwoup 6,map moun sa yo kap bat bravo pou 6 eske tet yo

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