FLASH: Haiti President Martelly Meeting with Danilo Medina in Barahona

Haiti-Dominican Politics update -- President Michel Martelly has just posted a photo of him in a meeting with Dominican president Danilo Medina in Barahona, Dominican Republic... For a bilateral meeting, they say...

PHOTO: President Martelly Rencontre Danilo Medina a Barahona DR
PHOTO: President Martelly Rencontre Danilo Medina a Barahona DR

KREYOL: Haiti - President Michel Martelly nan yon rankont ak President Domincain Danilo Medina nan Barahona, RD, nan moman n'ap pale laa... Hmmm... Fwontyè pwal relouvri ankò? LOL... Kisa ou panse de sa???

NOTE: The border is tense these days between Haiti and the Dominican Republic since the Haitian Government ordered many Dominican products not cross the border by land, only by sea and air...

Dominican businessmen have been loosing mucho dinero... Who will win in these negotiations?

Frantz Duval of Le Nouvelliste asks on Twitter:

"Land import ban of 23 Dominican products: what is Martelly really looking for meeting with Medina in Barahona?"


What do you think about that?

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Mbaye says...

Mateli fè anpil bagay pou Haiti.

li fè 5 goud = $ 1

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Louis Delum says...

Mwen panse se yon ere de la part du President Haitien, Mais si des chefs d'état se rencontrent, il peut y avoir un bon denouement a la crise Haitiano-Dominicaine, car c'est un oiseau a deux ailes.

Denplement si les partis politiques suivants:Radio Kiskeya, Radio Caraibes et le Parlement donnaient chance a Marthelly et Lamothe, Le Pays connaitrait de grandes

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Ricart says...

Who will win in these negotiations?

Consider the following:

1. On September 29, 2015, The Dominican Republic filed a complaint against Haiti at the World Trade Organization; The DR asserts that banning ground entry of 23 Dominican products is a violation that hinders overland commerce between the two nations; Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Colombia are backing the complaint.

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Guy Laguerre says...

Se pa selman pou bismis kap bon.plus pou president Dominican an.min se Haitian wap plede ramase voye retounin epi dominikin yo vole toute sa yo posede epi yo retounin deux mains vide.sase mechanste an nou we sa kap soti nan rankonte la .epi nap

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Bwa Sanfey says...

Martelly is a puppet of the Dominican government.

He is going to get con

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Spako says...

It's a very complicated situation - From one side Haiti wants to increase tax collection, but at the same affecting its population along the borders - For the other side DR with more than 30 years of enjoying unilaterally trades and black markets along the borders - Got to TALK folks and solve

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Pierre says...

se sa Kerry tal dil wi. Anpil biniz sin domingue yo se biniz ameriken yo

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