Haiti - Martelly's Endorsement of Laurent Lamothe making more noise than "Caisse Leta-a Vid"

There is a rise the political temperature in Haiti - President Michel Martelly's supposed "endorsement" of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe as the next president of Haiti is creating a much bigger buzz than his previous statement that "Caisse leta-a Vid" (the state coffers are empty)

Haiti - President Martelly ak PM Laurent Lamothe ap celebre 2 lane Ti Manman Cheri

Since Martelly said "Vote for HIM" (not mentioning Lamothe's name) at Henfrasa during the two year celebration of Ti Manman Cheri, I've been hearing all kinds of words being used int he same sentence with Laurent Lamothe...

Also read: Did Haiti President Martelly just endorse Laurent Lamothe as his successor?

Words like: Interpellation, Destitution, Constitution, Revocation... Basically anything that has to do with kicking him out of office... LOL...

The opposition is heated... One of the senators is looking for five other senators to interpellate Laurent Lamothe...

How will this story end? let's wait and see...

What do you think about this?

Are you FOR or AGAINST the idea of Laurent Lamothe running for President of Haiti?

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Ayiti Avi says...

if they have a better candidate that is equipped with the political and business knowledge then let the people of Haiti see them. If they do not, then be

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John says...

Laurent Lamothe will be the next president of Haiti and Martely will be the prime minister, and next will be Martelly President and Lamothe prime minister

and then, Lamothe will be back to finish it and Martely will be prime minister


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Jean Catulle says...

lè gouvènman an di kès leta a vid kisa sa vle di?

eske se menm tilolit gran mangè yo ki kontinye ap souse pèp la toujou?

li lè li tan pou nou sispan itilize mas pèp la kòm zouti pou regle koze nou.

li lè litan pou n montre pèp la kisa libète + respè egal.

respè pou prezidan nan you

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Gerard says...

President Martelly is a full fledged citizen of Haiti and as such he has the right to endorse whomever he wants to succeed him. Mr Lamothe is a full fledged citizen of Haiti as well and as such has the right to be a Presidential candidate and to succeed Mr Martelly if the people of Haiti chooses him.

If you disagree, which is your right, instead of wasting your breath bragging about it why don't you start doing your homework and see if the Haitian people would consider giving you the job.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Ah! Ah, Ah! Ah!

Mwen fout pou yo deux a jiskaské mayi mi dépi yo jwen yon solisyon avek Unité, Lavals, parti opozisyon an etc. mwen avek Martelly-Lamothe 100/100 paské mou'n sa yo pi fò nan boulé caochou, crazé machine mou'n, volè pièce machine mou'n et lè yo fi'n pran sa yo bézwen nan machine mou'n yo, kòm excuse yo boulé ti rès la nan yon fason pou mou'n pa konpran yo; mou'n sa yo sé ak sistèm déchoukaj yo té fè en 1986 la yap sèvi kòm profésyon yo; mou'n sa yo sé kay mou'n yo kon'n kasé, piyé et puiské yo paka lévé tout kay la pou ya'l lakay yo avek kay yo, yo mété difé nan rès la pou mou'n pa fi'n rékonèt si sé chat maron yo yé; viv Prézidan Martelly ak Lamothe pou pi piti 20 ans.

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Jacques L says...

Let the man run and see if the people vote for him. Isn't it the way it's supposed to be?

Every president in the US has endorsed someone on their way out. It hasn't been a guarantee that they win. We love to waste time on the stupid stuff and ignore what's

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Subject: Haiti - Martelly's Endorsement of Laurent Lamothe making more noise than "Caisse Leta-a Vid" edit

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