Did Haiti President Martelly just endorse Laurent Lamothe as his successor?

Rumors are flying in Haiti that President Michel Martelly has just endorsed Laurent Lamothe as the next president to replace him in Haiti after he leaves office... The funny thing is... Martelly did NOT mention Lamothe's name in the speech that triggered this buzz...

Haiti - President Martelly ak PM Laurent Lamothe ap celebre 2 lane Ti Manman Cheri

So where did the rumor come from?

President Martelly was making a speech during the two-year celebration of his program 'Ti Manman Cheri' at Henfrasa and towards the end of his speech he said the following:

"In the upcoming elections... because a short time ago, I was talking to a lady who said: 'Mr President, we would like for these welfare programs to remain in effect after you leave office.'

I want the same thing but there is only one way to do it...

When I leave office next year, you know there is a presidential election coming... You cannot vote just anybody...

When it is time for me to leave, you have to vote for HIM... "

(Martelly points to the ground, dances a little, walks towards Laurent Lamothe, looks at him, walks back, looks at him, dances a little and the people started cheering and clapping.)

Watch the video...

"Once you do that," Martelly continues, "You know all the programs will continue... You know it is the same vision, you know it is the same team of capable young men who are thinking for the people... the same team who dedicate their time, their soul in order to rebuild Haiti..."

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