Haiti Manifestation - Vladimir Putin (RUSSIA) Please Help Us get rid of Martelly and Lamothe!

Haitian anti-Government protestors are now calling on Russia President Vladimir Putin to help them get rid of their President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... Kisa???

Thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, calling for the president and prime minister to resign; they accused the US of backing the unpopular government and have urged President Vladimir Putin to help...

One web site headline reads: "People of Haiti beg the great Vladimir Putin for help against the U.S. Gov."

Is the opposition trying to turn the Haiti political crisis into a USA vs. RUSSIA thing? Will that work?

What do you think about that?

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Paul Arthur says...

Yo pa gen kob, yo grangou, bagay kouran sa se politic.peyi san

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Phillip A Manning says...

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calling from North

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Neg Lakay Se Pitit Lakay says...

USA must remove this corrupt team into the power in

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Frank says...

It is all Aristide doing.

His last card to gain power is to declare himself communist.

But he will

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Jean Rhau says...

And Haitian protesters are asking Mr. Vladimir Putin to help them?

They should read the history book."Le Ti moun dezod mande goute Kalalou, yo mete Gombo tou cho nan pla main-l"

Haitian protesters do not know what they asking for.

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Jean Rhau says...

That is stupidity of the part of the protesters.

Russia has so much troubles handling her own problems with run-away nations that used to be part of her, and Haiti is Mr. Vladimir Putin to help Haiti.

The mindless protesters should be detained and put in jail as soon as they break the Protest laws. If they burn tires and block the normal business of their zones, arrest them and let a judge determine their future for breaking the law of the land.
It's time for Haitian Police to stop playing games with

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Josy says...

90% plus Haitians cannot read, or write and they are clueless.

This is the result when you have an illiterate population, and they do not know the story of Russia or communism.

Lenin, and Stalin.

We now dealing with Putin, and he is a very dangerous man. The USA will never allow an another Cuba in their backyard again, and they can forget

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Peter says...

M'ta swete pou ta Ayiti Le tranbleman de te SA

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David Grant says...

One wonders whether the Haitian Opposition party-Parties understand international politic and the way it works.

If Russia were to interfere in Haitian Internal politics, and overthrow a duly elected government, That would be a political aggression against the people of Haiti; and the rest of the world will not sit by an allow this to happen.

There would be repercussion.

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Topsecret Jahlove says...

I think the Haitian people is crazy they don't know What they want..

Yo Gen tout sa yo vle nan main yo,, yo Gen kay Yo pa peye tax,, tou terre yo nan main pep la, anpil trezo natirel tankou mine sab, terretif gravier ajil ak. Tout lot yose pep kap gaspiye Yo

le Yon bon gouvernment pran pouvwa poul pran Tout mine tout trezo ki nan main pep kap gaspiye,, le saaa yap rele viv as Yo di ki pat bon yo,,,,, si nou pa konprnn ayti se peyi ki gen pibon pezIdan frenchment, ,,pouki yon trambleman terre pa pase anko pandan yap fe manifestasyon..

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