Haitian Lawmakers don't want to talk, they want to OVERTHROW the Government, Joseph Lambert says.

Former Haitian senator Joseph Lambert says: la volonté des parlementaires n'est pas de dialoguer, mais de renverser le pouvoir. (Haitian lawmakers don't want to talk, they just want to overthrow the Government)

Senateur Joseph Lambert

In a Haitian radio show on Magic 9 Lambert is quoted as saying:

"For me, the will of Parliament is not to talk, to find common ground on major issues of the day... Their aim is to undermine the foundations of constitutional government and arrive by whatever means to overthrow the government, or for some groups to regain power."

Wow... you think the former senator is right in his statement?

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Ti Lou says...

every president need to go. no peaceful president in Haiti.

This is not politic; it is a group of hypocrite leading a country to destruction.

no one is good enough foe these

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Carl John says...

If I were the President I would hire many snipers and shoot all of them because they only see their interest but not the country.I'm very upset with these bastards.

I say kill all of them so that the country can finally moves

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Nap Kite Sa says...

Must we continue business as usual?

Why can Martelly throw all these members of Parliament in jail until further notice so that we can prevent another blood bath. Then workout a solution to this problem including making a sudden overthrow of the government unlawful without due

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David Grant says...

The man is right, and he knows what he is talking about.

From any angle which you view the disposition of the Haitian lawmaker, they do not have the Haitian people at heart; their aim is to access power by all

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Stef says...

I agree, he need to

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Subject: Haitian Lawmakers don't want to talk, they want to OVERTHROW the Government, Joseph Lambert says. edit

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