Is Haiti's Justice System trying to put some ORDER in the way Haitians Protest?

When you hear "Manifestation in Haiti," that means anything goes... When you hear "Pote Boure," manman pitit mare senti-w... Haitian protests feel like a street party where anything can happen... There is a band, there is music, dancing, and you can get away with just about anything... Haiti's Justice Minister, Jean Renel Sanon, is trying to put an end to that... Not the protest part which is a right that every citizen have but the "Carte blanche to do whatever you want" part...

Jean Renel SANON - Haiti Ministre de la Justice et de la Securite Publique

According to a note released by Justice Minister Sanon earlier this week, protest organizers are reminded of certain obligations they must adhere to in order to organize a street protest...

Jean Renel Sanon made reference to a decree dated 23 July 1987 stating that in order to organize a protest in Haiti you have to give a 48 hours notice, you have to let the authorities know who you are, what you do for a living, how old you are, where you live, the exact location you intend to hold that demonstration, its purpose, itinerary, date and duration.

But Wait... That's not all... Here is the part that really caught my attention...

The person who has given notice to the police, i.e. the organizer of this gathering of people, is required, on his own responsibility, to ensure the proper behavior of the demonstrators and participants.

In other words... If your protest gets out of hand and protesters being to smash car windows and burn down private property, YOU are responsible.


I really don't think Haitian protest organizers know that...

From what I hear from these organizers of recent protests in Haiti, it is the responsibility of the police to prevent bad things from happening in these protests... When bad things happen it is because the police did not do their job!

So obviously, somebody doesn't know there full responsibilities...

What do you think about that?

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Yvenerluzincourt says...

Haiti bezwen yon leta solid pou fe respek lavi. ak byen batay kont tout sevel

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Franckner says...

Bravo, I wish it was $200,000 security deposit for any vandalism instead of

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Claire Jean-baptiste says...

That is a good idea Jean Renl Sanon.You doing a good

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Clif Simon says...

Michel Martelly kom pwezidan konnen kijan manifestasyon fet paske Michel se yon oganizatè, Ni minis jistis la, Ni minis enfomasyon, San konte lot gwo manm nan gouvenman an.

Teknik bat moun, arete moun nan ap anpire koze a

Paske pep la daja

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Patrick Gustave says...

kote ou jwenn stupidite saa. la responsabilite est personnelle d'apres la constitution.

se 2 bagay, se swa nou respecte konstitisyon ou byen nou pa sevi ak li. deside

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Egge says...

This rules must be applicable for any side at any time, I really like

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Jay says...

Se depi lontan mwen te toujou ap di sa. mwen bien kontan yap aplike l min, gin yon bagay ki manke.

Pou ki rezon moun nan ap fè manifestasyon?

èske li merite permi a?

Epi tou, moun saa ta dwe genyen yon certificat de bonne vie et moeurs avan pou li kalifie, epi nan 10 ans nap we ti peyi nou

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John says...

Mwen 100% dakò men gen yon bagay ke dekrè a pa pa mete ladann:

Moun kap òganize manifestation an ki al mande pèmi-a ta sipoze fè yon depo de 200,000 Gourdes e l-ap tann ke lapolis fè-l signal kote ke lapolis ka change pakou-a, e si gen dezòd w-ap pedi depozit

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Sedec Andreus says...

How appreciable this new decision is! As Haitian citizens, we cannot enumerate the quantity of public offices, private houses, vehicles etc...

that were burnt and/or damaged when demonstrations have taken place conducted by unknown individual.

So; very good

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Bonito says...

In our often misguided effort to be colorful and to seek attention we exaggerate and this in turn results in a misperception of a situation, of an environment and of a people.

The cry of fire in a movie theater is outright irresponsible because of the panic that it creates and thereby the risk of danger.

It seems it would be a good idea to limit the apparent agenda-guided or propaganda driven editorialism we too often apply in speaking about an event unfolding in a country where the level of education doesn't offer itself much for nuances and metaphors.

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