Haiti Government Asks People to Relax amid Street Protests

Street protests are escalating in Haiti and the opposition wants more... The Haitian government on the other hand is calling for calm...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly, Bonm 12 Janvier a pwal Eksploze...

In a note released to the media, the Haitian government complains street protests have been getting more and more violent. They ask the political actors to be a bit more responsible.

Will these political actors who want nothing more than martelly's head on a silver platter folos the advice of his government?

What do you think about that?

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William Jean-marie says...

Martelly is not a real leader to begin with. So please, miss me with that nonsense.

Get a transition government, IF you want Haiti still standing.

The probleme with people here on this website is that Martelly can not lead on his own accord.

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Fernand Etienne says...


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Pluviose On Facebook says...

Sylvain Pluviose Well the need to chill, even it is the right off the people to protest but there should be rule and regulation about how to do it, not everyone want to protest we can not allowed one group of individuals to blocks the everyday life of other folks, obstruction of traffic, market closed, business closed, no school as result of these protest.

Somebody have to say something about this, the government need to take control of assuring the freedom of everyone that is what democracy is all

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Guilaine Andre says...

I have one thing to say to Michel Marthelly, it's like a snake, cut the head, the rest will be dismantled.

Put up your big boys pants, you are playing too much with these people.

You need to stop them now and fast. They are out of control, and the candidates are praying on their

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Patrick Princivil says...

Nou pa wèm pa di anyen !

Yon pèp enbésil konsa pou lapolis ap gaspiyé lajan léta nan bal plastik nan maniféstasyon, ou tandé vyé Sénatè opozisyon ap pran bal plastik nan tèt, mwen pa satisfè menm ; si la polis ap itilizé bal plastik yo, pli zou mwen fò yo ta fè sur ké yo byen vizé 2 gren zyé ban chyen yo pou tiré bal plastik yo la a mwen ta konpran yo. Flanké malpròpté yo bal plastik nan nan zyé yo san

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Duval Jean Pierre says...

C pou gouvenman fer minn jan ak Aristid en 94 .poul mande.

Mr Obama on bakup marines li t met on 10mil hommes .pou moun ta pran souf ak mal pou wont sa yo.gen trop ribanbel en

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