Haiti - "Gouvenman lakay ou" goes to Cotes-de-Fer Saturday...

The Government of Haiti will hold the 11th edition of "Gouvenman lakay ou," in Côtes-de-Fer Haiti, the city where President Martelly was born... Côtes-de-Fer was chosen by president Martelly himself, according to Abel Nazaire, coordinator of the event. The president wants do know the necessities of the citizens where he was born, Nazaire said...

Haiti - Gouvenman Lakay Ou

Everything is ready for "Gouvenman lakay ou," in Côtes-de-Fer Haiti. Government officials are due to arrive this Friday...

About "Gouvenman Lakay ou"

GOL or 'Gouvenman Lakay Ou' is an event that takes place usually on a Saturday, once a month when the government goes to a town in Haiti to listen to the grievances of the people and inform them of government actions in that area.

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Jp says...

Max, pale kreyiol ou fini tande papa siw pa vle pale kreyiol fe yon ti aranjman nan fransew

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Sony Vilbrun says...

Se bel bagay gouvenman ap fe, konsa konsa tout pei ya ap fin pa devlope e sa demontre nou ke Chef d'Etat ap travay pou

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Max Mondesir says...

C'est. Tres bien pour le President D'Haiti! Cote_de fer, n'est pas trop loin D'Aquin, la ou je suis nee.Tous le sud saras enchanter fe sa

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Frantz Reid says...

Correction ...President Martelly, c Neg Port-au-Prince ...Pitit Madan Colo....C Papa li ki moune Cotes de Fer ..Président pa jamais manque you occasion pou li pas dit

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