Haiti : Fanmi Lavalas will NOT negotiate, they want President Jovenel to resign, and more!

While Haitian prime minister Jean Henry Ceant is taking about political dialogue, Jean Bertrand Aristide's LAVALAS party makes is clear, they are not interested in a negotiation. Fanmi Lavalas wants a Tabula Rasa, president, prime minister, and parliament, all gone!

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a
Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a

Joel Vorbe, one of the board members of Fanmi Lavalas party, in an recent interview to the daily newspaper the Nouvelliste, said he is not interested in what Prime Minister Ceant is offering on the negotiating table.

Fanmi Lavalas, the party of Jean-Bertrand Aristide remains clinging to its proposal to end the crisis:

1) - Obtain the resignation of Jovenel Moise through a general mobilization (in all its forms);

2) - The resignation of prime minister Jean-Henry Céant and all his ministers;

3) - To note the dysfunction and the lapse of Parliament (la caducité du Parlement);

4) - 36-month transition - Set up an executive and a government of public safety (gouvernement de salut public) to ensure a 36-month transition during which they will have to respect and fulfill the priorities defined in a roadmap that serves as their mandate / terms of reference for the objectives and actions of the transitional government.

So... Basically, Fanmi Lavalas wants full power in Haiti without going to elections!

Is there any other way to put it?

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All Comments (8)

Goldstein says...

hi woodring,
f..Fanmi lavalas.

Aristide never was capable of doin anything for Haiti.

I don t like those bigots, all alike.

please let me know when you receive that
mail I sent to spring valley.


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Gerry says...

I always see myself as a Lavalas; more likely I usually say that I am an Aristidiste.

However, I do not support the position of the Fanmiy Lavalas.

It's time for all Haitians to understand that this nonsense, this ugly behavior in this modern area; this so-called cry "fok lale" should

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Ilera Fleurine says...

Fanmi lavalas se tout sakipabon yo liye se debri, se fatra, se labou yoye, se maladi, se lanmor.

Se selman sa yo genyen nan tet yo pou developman you payi, se you group malfra ki dangje anpil anpil, Fok nou veye anpil pounn pakite pwazon sa retounen sou pouvwa

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Ricardo Jacques says...

No, it will be kaos for all and without a stable government, what we are going through now will be nothing compares with it's

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Madan Jo says...

Lheure mwin te ti moune, l'an pays mwin, yo te kon di Lavalas, ce Danger Dlo kap descendre, Inondations, bet mouri, jardin crazé, debris kap deboulonner lan lan Mer ...Dans ce cas Gin lheure, vraiment Lavalas egal Malediction ...Mwin pa konnin, Me Zanmis ...map

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Castor S says...

That forcing the dog to go back to

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Negbelair says...

Those people are mentally ill wow I'm starting to be ashamed to be

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

Haiti - Fanmi Lavalas di li pap negosye pou pouvwa, se TOUT pouvwa a li vle: Lavalas vle pou Jovenel Moise demisyone, pou Ceant demisyone ak tout gouvènman li an, pou palman an ale, apre sa, yo vle mete yon gouvènman transition pou 36

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