Haiti Elections - Who Cares???

Haiti Elections Update -- Are Haitian Voters Motivated??? Agence France-Presse (AFP) had just released an article with the Headline: "Haiti heads towards election day, but few seem to care..." According to the news agency, Haitian voters hardly seem to care about the Legislative elections that will take place this Sunday in Haiti...

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AFP gives the example of a Haitian shoe-shiner who is completely indifferent saying: "Him I know, but he won't do anything for me. Her -- I've never seen her face before," referring to all the candidate posters glued to the lights poles near him...

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It is true... There are many people who are not very motivated to go out and vote this year; however, we must also report that there are many voters who plan to vote for the first time in these elections as well.

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What about YOU??? Do you Care???

Will you vote in the upcoming Haiti elections??

Do the people around you care? Will they go out to vote?

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