Haiti Elections - US State Department says Better to Modify Electoral Calendar

Haiti Elections Update -- Thomas Adams, special adviser to the US State Department thinks a simple change in the Haiti electoral calendar could save the country about 30 million dollars... But will Haitian authorities take his advice???

Thomas Adams, Pamela White, Haiti PM Evans Paul

KREYOL: Haiti - Thomas Adams, Depatman Deta USA di: Poukisa n-ap fè election 3 Tou? Fè election 2 Tou pito, sa ka ekonomize peyi a anviron 30 million dola... Misye sijere KEP a pa fè election nan mwa Aout, fè li nan mwa Oktob ak Desanm, sa ka ba yo tan pou mete machine elektoral la sou pye... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Instead of holding 3 elections tours this year, Thomas Adams things it would better to hold two election tours...

Thomas Adams says: Have people come out and vote in October and December; drop the vote scheduled for August...

For the US diplomat, Le Nouveliste reports, it would only be a bonus for Haiti. The elections would cost about thirty million dollars less and it would give more time to the Electoral Council to prepare the machine.

There is one big question to this theory... Who is listening???

What do you think about that?

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Marie says...

They should listen and drop the August elerction.And save money do only two tours.time for Haiti to move forward

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