Haiti Elections - Thierry Mayard Paul SAD and HAPPY about BCEN Decision to Reject his Candidacy for President

Haiti Elections Update -- Presidential Candidate Thierry Mayard Paul said is horrified by the Judges' decision at the National Office of Electoral Disputes (BCEN) to reject his candidacy for president... Arnel Belizaire had NO PROOF, These Judges are INCOMPETENT, he said...

Thierry Mayard-Paul

KREYOL: Haiti Election - Thierry Mayard Paul di BCEN la se yon bann INCOMPETENT... Decision yo pran kont li a prouve ke mesye sa yo se pa LA LOI y'ap aplike... Li di Arnel Belizaire ki konteste kandidati li a pat pote okenn prèv devan tribnal la epi se li yo mande pou pote prèv... Se pa sa la lwa mande dapre li... Kisa ou panse de sa???

"These results proves once again I am right in telling the Haitian People to beware... 'veye anwo, veye anba' - to be very vigilant - because these people are not observing the law," Thierry Mayard Paul said in a live interview on Radio Zenith FM Thursday.

"Arnel Belizaire who contested my candidacy has NO PROOF to bring to the court, he said nothing, he proved nothing,' Thierry Mayard Paul said, "and it was I who was asked to bring proof that Arnel is lying as though I am the on who accused him of something. That is now what the law says..."

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Jacky Dessalines says...

Thierry mayard Paul is makout thief...he deserve to get kick out like a bum...Like a tugish animal...same for lamote

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Mario says...

well, tell me who in Haiti goes according to the Law of the country.

We cant cry too loud when we ourselves used, abused it, bypassed it, neglected it to own

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Romeo says...

This is a joke...

I cannot believe the same Thierry Mayard Paul who arrested Arnel unlawful without justification, now is crying...

Thierry have short memory...

You do bad while you are in power...

bad finds you when you are out of power...

The same Arnel you arrested illegally came back and bite you in your rear end...


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Subject: Haiti Elections - Thierry Mayard Paul SAD and HAPPY about BCEN Decision to Reject his Candidacy for President edit

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