Haiti Elections - Some Candidates go around taking PHOTOS and they call it CAMPAIGNING

Haiti Elections Update -- Many Haiti presidential candidates are going around the country taking pictures, photo ops, they are NOT campaigning, They KEEP their MOUTH SHUT, they walk a few blocks in the town, city, and village, take a couple of pictures with some poor old lady, and they say absolutely NOTHING to the general public. No Speech, No Discours, NOTHING, NADA... Then this candidate then turns around and tells the media in Port-au-Prince: "Mwen t al fè kanpay nan tel ville, tel lokalite!"

KREYOL: Mezanmi Tande... Haiti Elections - Gan kèk candidat a la Presidence k ap mache fè PHOTO pasi pala, yo bèbè, yo pa janm pale, yo pa janm di anyen... NO discours sur la place public, epi yo di y ap fè kanpay... W ap fè kanpay epi ou pa janm di pèp la KISA OU PWAL Fè pou yo, KISA ou pwal fè pou peyi a, Ki plan w, ki pwojè w le w prezidan? sèlman ou souri, ou fè 2 foto nan vil la epi vire bouda w al fè wout ou??? Se konsa wi pitit, ou tande kandida di l ap fè kanpay pòt a pòt... Ki koze sa??? Kisa ou panse de sa???

How can you be a candidate for President of the Republic and you arrive in a major city like Hinche Haiti, and you say NOTHING? No public address? No speech? Not a word about your plans and project for the city, the department or the country... Not a word to the general population... And worse... NOBODY knew you were coming except your party candidates and the 10 people who support them.

I have decided not to mention the candidate's name but please Mr and Mrs Candidate, Stop driving around collecting photos and calling that a campaign. The people want to hear your plan for them and the country.

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Subject: Haiti Elections - Some Candidates go around taking PHOTOS and they call it CAMPAIGNING edit

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