Haiti Elections POLL : Jude Celestin TOP of the List of Candidates for President

Haiti Elections Update -- A new Poll by Brides reveals candidate Jude Celestin tops the list of candidates for President in the upcoming elections with 15.1 percent... Moise Jean Charles follows with 9.6 percent...

Jude Celestin in front of Cathedral in Hinche

KREYOL: Haiti Elections Presidentielle SONDAGE : Jude Celestin 1er... Moise Jean Charles 2eme... DESRAS anba net... LOL... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Out of the long list candidates for president, only 15 candidates received more than 1 percent of the votes in the poll...

Here is the list of the top 15 candidates, political party and percentage:

1. Jude CELESTIN (LAPEH) 15.1

2. Jean-Charles MOISE (PITIT DESSALINES) 9.6

3. Jean Henry CEANT (RENMEN AYITI) 7.8

4. Jovenel MOISE (P.H.T.K) 6.1


6. Irvenson Steven BENOIT (KONVIKSYON) 3.2

7. Sauveur Pierre ETIENNE (OPL) 3.0

8. Charles Henri Jn Marie BAKER (RESPE) 2.5


10. Simon Dieuseul DESRAS (PALMIS) 1.5

11. Jean-Chavannes JEUNE (CANAAN) 1.3

12. Jean Clarens RENOIS (UNIR-AYITI INI) 1.3


14. Eric JEAN BAPTISTE (M.A.S) 1.0

15. Beauzile Edmonde SUPPLICE (FUSION) 1.0

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Olcima Bobby says...

Se pa vwe se Preval avek Martelly ki ap Chèché fè gagot avek peyi a, se lajan yo peye mesié sondaj yo pou poté Jude Celestin nan tèt de lis pou blofé pep ayisyen an, mezanmi pep ayisyen se pou nou veye Preval

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Joseph says...

je crois pas à ce

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