Haiti Elections OR NOT - Suddenly it is the Judicial Branch who is blocking the path to Elections Tèt Dwat...

In this episode of the never-ending Haiti political soap opera, it is CSPJ, le Conseil Superieur du Pouvoir Judiciaire, blocking the path to "Elections Tèt Dwat" in the country... All over Haitian radio this past week the name Arnel Alexis Joseph is synonymous with "Brick Wall." So where did we make this "demi tour?"

Arnel Alexis Joseph - Eleksyon Tèt Gosh

Sometimes trying to understand a situation in Haiti requires a lot of research...

Here is what I found out...

Let me tell you in plain English you you understand what is going on:

11 June 2014, Seven (7) of the nine (9) members of CSPJ members voted and five (5) of them agreed to have Marie Florestale Duclervil replaced; however, after the vote, according to news reports from Haiti, Arnel Alexis Joseph, the president of CSPJ told these members to "oublier les résultats du vote," meaning foget about the resut of these votes.

Tout bon? M-pa konnen, se sa la press Haitenne di... LOL...

Other news reports suggest that Arnel Alexis Joseph is more in favor of CEP Member Leopold Berlanjer to "Raché" his "Manyòk" if you know what I mean.

So... One of the CSPJ members, Jacques Letang, leaked to the media that CSPJ members were going to get together in the absence of Arnel Alexis Joseph, on 17 juin 2014, to finalize their decision to get rid of Marie Florestale Duclervil in the CEP.

Ever since this new episode of the never-ending Haiti political soap opera premiered at CSPJ headquarters in Port-au-Prince, Maitre Arnel Alexis Joseph became the new VILAIN in town... You understand what I'm saying?

So every Haitian Senator and Depute who have been complaing about the elections in Haiti, they have a "Brand New" reason for why there will not be an eleciton in Haiti in October 2014.

Now... What do you think about that?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Mwen pap rentré fèy bèk mwen nan yon bagay mwen pa konen, nou parlé de elrancho mwen pa men'm konpran dé kisa nap parlé.

Nan légliz avan yo batizé yon mou'n yo toujour mété'l kanpé devan assanblé a pou si en cas lap fè yon bay ki pa bon mou'n ki kon-min'l ka bay opinion yo épi yo pap batizé'l, men nou-men mwen wè ké nou toujou ap bay yon infòmasyon san tèt; pa blyé sa sé 3 fòs ki mét ensemble ki crée yon sèl: père, fils et saint-esprit.

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C Rieger says...

I think it's time Haiti grew up. All the praying for God's blessing is useless and a charade when there is no humility of spirit and respect for one another and law.
Hang your

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Subject: Haiti Elections OR NOT - Suddenly it is the Judicial Branch who is blocking the path to Elections Tet Dwat... edit

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