Haiti Elections - NO 'Decharge' for former officers of public funds wanting to run in the next election

In order for ex Haiti officials managing government money to run for President, Senator, et cetera in the upcoming elections, You must have a clearance certificate or décharge... La Cour Superieure des Comptes has just announced it will NOT grand such Clearance...

Laurent Lamothe - Ex Prime Minister of Haiti

Cour Superieure des Comptes president Fritz Robert Saint Paul says...

"La Cour Supérieure des Comptes n'accordera pas de certificats de décharge aux anciens ordonnateurs et comptables de deniers publics voulant se porter candidat aux prochaines élections."

ENGLISH Translation: The Superior Court of Auditors will not grant clearance certificates to former officers and accountants of public funds wanting to run in the next election...

Paul said ht does not hav the LEGAL provision to provide such certificate.

QUESTION: What if former Haiti prime minister Laurent Lamothe wants to run for office in the upcoming elections, how will that be possible?

What do you think about that?

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Regina says...

former prime minister laurent Lamothe I can not wait to see you to become the President of Haiti aristide need to go in exile because he is to greedy.

I want american people to exile him again.

he is an

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Gregory Perpignand says...

i would Laurent lamothe to be our next president for Haiti
Is a very talented man clean and a lot of contact if we have 25 men like this our country will be

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Armando says...

Ex PM Lamothe should run for president that's who Haiti need to move on in the 21st

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Malval Jean Wilfrid says...

Vive haiti vive Laurent S lamothe pour prochain president d'haiti pour 5

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Malval Jean Wilfrid says...

Sir we are haitien we have hire you also we can fired you from your post as chef supreme cause it is not money making power it is a free haiti think about are long our country as been souffred cause of you all greedyness now it is times to take haiti out of dackness misery thos man in thos ofices dont deserve thos jod cause they only care for.they on pocket not for us from time to time

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Maurice says...

I think VP Lamotte shoud be a

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Subject: Haiti Elections - NO 'Decharge' for former officers of public funds wanting to run in the next election edit

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