Haiti Elections MONEY - How the 500 Million Gourdes will be Distributed

Haiti Elections Update -- The Haitian Government has just made public its own strategy for distributing the 500 million gourdes financing money for the political parties... One third of the money will to the approved political parties... There's more...

Haiti Money - 5 Gourdes

KREYOL: Men Nouvel... Haiti Election LAJAN - Finalman, gouvenman an fè konnen kijan 500 milion goud la pwal separe... Men detay yo... Kisa ou panse?

Here is the full breakdown of the how the 500 Million will be distributed according to Jean Fritz Jean-Louis, Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister and in charge of electoral matters:

30% will go to all authorized parties. / 30 pousan pwal jwen pati politik yo...

20% will be allocated to presidential candidates. / 20 pousan pou kandida a la prezidans yo...

10% to candidates for Deputies and Senator. / 10 pousan pou candidat post senatè ak depite...

20% to local authorities (collectivités territoriales).

The remaining 10% will be allocated based on the level of training of the candidates, the amount of registered women etc...

The election finance money should reach its destination by the end of next week, the minister said. How many days before the elections? How much time will be left to campaign?

ANSWER: The end of next week it the week of the first of August... Election day is one week later..

What do you think about that?

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